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Welcome back everyone!  What an exciting start to this week.  Let’s begin by touching on several markets.

We talked about the 13.50 level on the VIX.  The 12, 13. And 15 levels that remain important.  We broke below the 13.50 mark.  It was able to give the Stock Indices a jolt to the upside.  We will talk about those in just a moment.

The Euro is back in the kill zone here.  There is nothing much to do with this at this time.  There is fallen resistance and rising support.  The Euro is not in play for me right at this moment.

Gold is getting really close.  If we could break down below the lows from Monday, we could see some nice short side opportunities.  For long side opportunities, we will have to get back above the distribution bar from Friday.  We will also want to hold that channel as support and then take back off again. Those have been very short lived.  They are only good for around 2- 3 days of swing trading.  Gold is going to be more active from an intraday perspective for me at this time because of those two important concepts.

Crude Oil continues to struggle.  It is trying to make strides of breaking the 50 dollar level.  We are adding more and more resistance as we go along.  We now have to break above the 48.50 level even to make an intraday run for the 50 level.  We then have to make that 50 level support so it can take off for great trading.  I am just waiting in the wings for that to all unfold.

The FDAX is still holding in there pretty strong.  We are holding on the rising support.  We will want to see if we can break below those accumulation bars from the past couple weeks.  If we do, that could bode very poorly for the FDAX.  If we can stay above the speed lines as we head into the next couple day’s sessions, that could be very bullish.  We will be talking more about that and how it relates to the U.S. markets in a couple moments.

The Stock Indices are holding on for dear live.  There are distribution bars above and accumulation bars down below on basically all four Stock Index Futures from last Friday’s wild swinging.  All four of them made inside bars.  What we are really looking for is which way tomorrow’s activities can guide us into Wednesday.  That is great because I have a live training event with you all on Wednesday.  I also have a special training event with you guys tomorrow night.  This is all perfect for us to recap tomorrow night and Wednesday morning.

As you imagine, I want to stay above the speed lines.  I want to see the VIX move down to the 12 level to make some long side trades.  If we get back above 13.50 and break below the speed lines I will be aggressively looking for shorts.  That is a very important key for what we will be looking at as we head into the next couple days.

I was asked to give another update on Apple.  Apple hit the targets that I had laid out for all you guys.  We had a Champion Setups buy signal not too long ago.  I also have been following thought that if we can get above the support, that would be good for a move to the 110 area.  We ended up hitting the 110 and are pulling back.  There are no fresh signals here just yet.  We had the original buy signals on the Champion Setups.  We talked to you all about the target as the 110 level.  We will now have to get to and through that 110 level to make this distribution area support.  That will all need to happen before we worry about getting to the 120-125 area.  I made some great remarks about Apple so far.  I suspect we will have some great ones coming forward.  However not yet because it didn’t hit and follow through my targets.

Tomorrow we have the last and final installment of the Champion Setups special training course.  Pretty much all of these have locked up at maximum capacity.  Tomorrow is your last chance to get into this.  Register in the special update section using the little link.  It will be great to see how I traded tomorrow in tomorrow night’s special event.

We also have live trading with you guys on Wednesday morning.  As you recall, we did a live trading event last Thursday.  All of you guys there got to see me trade live and make money.  This will be another great final opportunity to see that.  I usually do them only every so many months.  It has been quite a while before I did one of these because the broker wanted to be a part of this as well.  It will be nice for all of you to join this event.  Hit the link that says to join Rob on Wednesday in the special update section.

Make sure you get signed up for both events because the market and today’s inside bar activities this is a perfect time to be a part of these makes.  We are going to close out the year very strong with the fantastic election cycle coming up.  I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening at 7 PM Eastern Time.  I also look forward to seeing you all at the live trading event at 10 AM Eastern.  Take care everyone!

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