Live Trading Webinar With Rob Tomorrow Morning After Today’s Great Session

Welcome back gang. Well, tonight’s video is going to be very simple and straightforward. This morning we opened up and got down below the speedlines on the various charts. It was firing off the short side trades. We had some magnificent moves down here this morning here with the ranges. A lot of what I refer to as Max Range extensions back and forth in some of these instruments.

So hopefully we can repeat that tomorrow in the online trading event that we are inviting you to. As we go into tomorrow we are going to be focusing on the 2 and the 2. What we have is the NASDAQ at the speedlines, we have the Russell at the speedlines and yet we have the S&P and the DOW above those speedlines. We have 2 at and 2 below and we are going to see which ones are going to win.  Are the Russell and the NASDAQ going to be dragged up above along with the S&P and the DOW or are the S&P and the DOW going to roll right back over and get back under there. That happened today and of course that led to some great selling in the Live Trading Room. You’re going to get to watch it live as we work out the strategies.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning. Take care everyone. Have a great evening.

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