Long Side Only Trades Above These Market Levels Now!

Okay, welcome back, gang! Well, let’s go ahead and do a quick update for you. So, first of all, last week we went ahead and had the S&P; at 3000. This was an important level I was watching for the break. I was even aggressive on the break I was looking for an initial target of 302.50 we actually now have hit actually all the way up to 305 with the 530 50 area with the S&P;, so, we’re looking really good there. it pushed up through 3000 pulled back, took back off, broke above one of my IRBs here and then the rest was history. So that’s exactly what we wanted to see. Now we also then had some bullishness kicking in with the Russell, the Nasdaq, the Nasdaq also went ahead and had pushed up, pulled back, took back off and broke above an IRB and then that led to nice thing.

So, the insane thing with 27,000 you can see over here we pushed up through 27,000 pulled back to it took back off. Now, the one thing I want to note on the Dow we still have – remember I told you it’s really 27,300 – 27,400and so I just want to kind of point that out. Right now we’re still in a band where there is distribution, there is resistance here in the 27300 area and then, of course, clearly a the twenty seven thousand four hundred. So, we still got a little bit of work to do but the S&P; was hitting the new highs and so where we’re at with this whole thing as long as the S&P; is above 3,000 the SPY is above 300, the Dow is above 27,000 it’s long side or bus for me it just has to be on that basis it’s not that we’re not going to have pull backs here we’re gonna probably have some ebs and some flows and everything else but as long as we’re above those major bullish levels that’s where we’re more likely to have the opportunities for additional explosions to the upside and as long as we above those thresholds I’m focusing on long. So, I just want to give you that update.

We’ll talk about some of the individual plays in videos to come. I need to take care of my option students first but I wanted to go ahead and make sure you guys did get an update of where we’re at and a follow on to all those things I’ve been telling you for so long about those key levels and then how we finally push through some of those pull back and made them support and that’s why we’re seeing the excitement that you’ve been seeing in the market. So, now, it’s all coming together for you as we were sharing it before, okay? You guys have a great night looking forward to seeing you some updated videos here with some individual stock ideas and market updates as well. Take care we’ll see you soon, gang. Bye bye!  

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