Can The Market Get More Exciting Than Now?

Welcome back! It’s another exciting day on Wallstreet. The long and the short of it is, we came down and tested some really important support levels on some of the major stock indices today and we found support at those levels. There’s some really incredible news that’s out there. We already had a market that was right for pull backs. I’ve been telling you in advance about the negative divergences but we still have rising support underneath us. I told you that the next couple of months was going to be phenomenal trading and it’s happening. Right now, for those of you who maybe are just joining us, we’ve been talking about this 15 month massive resistance level. Currently, we’re still pulling away from that. We’re making basically equal highs in price. We have negative divergences here. We have lower lows in price and indications. That puts us in a lot of pressure. Until we get above that 27000 level on futures, this market is in jeopardy. That’s going to lead to individual stock picking opportunities to the long-side as we showed people in that special VIP event that we did this morning. This was a 2 hour and 45 minute class and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Nike is one of those stocks that is firing off my indications really well. It’s breaking through Target 2 levels. It did that multiple times. We got to the sell-side and hit Target 2 to the tick. It pushed back up and hit Target 2 again right to the tick. Those targets were out there from day 1 and we basically got up there. Nike has their new iFit product that they’re looking at launching to be able to digitally fit you remotely so you know the size shoe you need. We did a report on it that you can read at We had a unique exclusive article that we’re looking at now. We’re looking to see if Nike can find support off of these weekly chart levels and start pushing back up with some fresh buy signals. This is an individual stock pickers market right now. We showed a whole bunch of stocks right now that were still listed as open position stocks. We did a whole trading course on volatility and shared some great tools and strategies that you can do on your own. In fact, while we were doing our presentation, the market went from the sell-side breakdown this morning and tested the resistance then broke above that tool. Off to the races it went. It was really a phenomenal day!

If you did not make it to this morning’s session, which if you aren’t a VIP member, you wouldn’t have. We’re going to do a smaller event tomorrow. Make sure you get there by going to There also might be a follow up event on Saturday. Either way, whether you want to come to tomorrow or Saturday’s event, you need to go to It’s going to be me and 10x international trading champion Davide Biocchi. We knocked it out of the park this morning with our day trading and swing trading class. You’ll not want to miss it. It’s at noon ET time on Friday. You have to get registered now to be a part of that.

I warned you about  the resistance levels that are holding and that’s making for wonderful opportunities on the day trading and swing trading side. We hope you’ll join us tomorrow! Have a great night!

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