The Market Is On The Razor’s Edge Of Extreme Bullishness

Okay, welcome back everybody! Let’s go ahead and talk with you all there is so much. Let’s see if we can compact all this into this presentation. So, as you know, we’ve been talking about DOW 27,000 and at S&P; 3000 The spy 300 and then looking for the Ruseel this firm up here and for the Nasdaq to push through some of those recent key resistance levels particularly like the speed lines in that. So, let’s go ahead and take this by the numbers. So the S head and is right back up and charge right back up to previous highs now, so, we’re kind of navigating those final resistance levels that we have to watch out for these distribution bars in the backdrop that 3025 area. So, it’s great that we did push up through three thousand pullback to it and then that we sort of take back off that’s what led to the nice rally in today so now here we are pushing through that to that final resistance and after that, it could be off to the races, gang. So, we’re gonna be watching the S&P; here at that 3025 area very closely. The Russell is not quite as impressive at this time. The Russell went ahead you can see there’s nowhere near its previous highs comparatively speaking and so I want to see the Russell going into next week really step up its game as far as the Dow this one here hard to believe the Dow 27,000 is still resistance with the S&P; and the Nasdaq look at the way it is by gosh gang, the Dow has been under pressure with someone’s individual stocks and the components they don’t have in a tough time but you know what, components are components and the Dow is the Dow got to get that down above twenty-seven thousand holding and taking off then that basically sets the gasoline on fire here for big opportunities to the upside. So, going into next week watching Dow twenty-seven thousand very closely with the S&P; already primed at the pump for their gains. Nasdaq here, eight thousand level. Super important level. If you take a look let me pull this over and draw the resistance back already see that’s why it’s so darn important right there. All that resistance right in that area proven resistance so just like the SP at 3025. This is a key area for the Nasdaq and then we can be off to the races here as well.

So, really exciting these different markets to say the least and then we take a look at the individual stocks now I’ve told you repeatedly time and time and time again always take a look at the Wealth365 news site they’re recently there’s been some changes if you go too that full-time now goes to the summit site so you gotta go to to go ahead and take a look at the news because all that’s being massively transitioned they’ve got the biggest summit ever coming up with 90 speakers. 90 speakers in six days, gang, it’s gonna be insane the amount of incredible talent that’s gonna go ahead and be there and you guys are all going to be given access to this really cool platform. So, there’s some huge stuff going on but right now while you still can take advantage of the WSI indicator because if you notice here  Apple was sitting here registering those 300 numbers. I told you you want to watch out for those types of trades because when you see those things start to fire off go through the 270’s up to 280s that’s the trades you’re looking for and then when they get into 300 you’re really looking for them to kind of throttle ahead. Well, that’s what ended up happening here with Apple and you can see it fired off what we call my institutional indicators, my ITP indicators they’re the Rob in a box indicators as they’re known because it’s basically culmination of my life’s work and so what ended up happening here was those fired off and these markets – every single set of indicators I had here just kind of took off and the rest is history both on a daily and a weekly basis for Apple in fact it just went ahead and then hit target two with today’s run it hit target two both on a daily and a weekly basis. Couldn’t have done it though without all these great indicators of mine firing off so really great stuff there and don’t forget you know tight very nicely with what we were being told in advance with the WSI.

That’s something I’ve always told you to go and keep an eye on so a lot of things unpack there. There’s a lot of great things coming with the Wealth365 summit you can register for that – the new site there you can still take advantage of the WSI while you guys are able to before it goes into that new platform and then, of course, we have these phenomenal markets here that we’ve got a couple of key levels that we’re going to be navigating into early next week and that we’re gonna be looking for great opportunities ahead because there are some significant move opportunities here if we can get the Russell and Dow on board especially that Dow you can see Dow 30,000 here if we actually finally make those level support, okay? So, we’re really having a great week here and looking forward to working with you guys here into next week, so, stay tuned for upcoming videos as we enjoy all the excitement here. Have a great rest of your weekend and stay tuned for individual opportunities and check that WSI in the meantime for opportunities as well. We’ll see you guys shortly take care, everyone! bye bye  

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