Several Markets That Are On The Brink Of Major Moves

Okay gang welcome back well what an exciting week from a trading perspective and the way the markets are setting up prospectively. Just all around I am really excited about 2015 I am excited about our small lot trading room and things that we have done in the live trading room. Everything has just been fantastic. I am looking forward to having you guys along with me as we go into 2015 what a great year.

As we kick off here I want to focus on the euro. What I am looking at, you have heard from Jordon that we are looking for tight consolidations for the next couple days and boy was he right. We go and take a look her. And basically had an inside day. Of a consolidation here so today trade activity was inside Thursday’s activity and tight overall the last several days. So what we are looking for continues to remain the same we are looking to break out above this 1420 area which is very important for any short term long. We are going to look to breakdown below Thursday low before we look to be shorting. At the dollar eleven area. As we take a look at gold. Then we got up to the 1300 level and they were like hey what next after this 600 tick run I think it is profit time so they turned around and ran back to their offices and they selling with everyone else and they popped down at 500 ticks what you have to understand it the daily chart already had a positive divergence here and then at the same time we had the weekly chart which is even more pronounced so let’s look at that that is having a positive divergence as well. We are having lower lows in price as you can see but higher lows in indications. Core trigger is positive. So we are looking for continuations to the upside to net with this. We locked in an accumulation bar. So unless we get low than that bar as far as I’m concerned I will be looking for long side trades now another thing I will show you here is the monthly chart the monthly chart is set here to lock in a positive divergence as well. This is really important because if you take a look here when we started losing market energy to the down side that started to fall in gold in the end of 2012 and 2013 now what you are seeing here we have a slightly lower low here in price. But we are making a higher low on my positive divergence and we are back to testing long term resistance which is important to kill this market off multiple times. Over the last year. Were right back testing that area again and this time we are testing is with positive divergences. So this could be the start of something much greater for gold oaf we can get above the January high going into February so we are going to be watching that very closing the last year or so it will pull back. If we go ahead and break down below this area it can be a fantastic long term short opportunity but in the meantime with this divergence and the bet has to be focusing on the upside and focus on buy side on gold on a day and swing trade basis on my setups rather than short for now until proven otherwise

As we look at crude oil here crude oil great stuff here being active we could not break down yesterday as Jordon has told you we closed above the inventory retracement bar and got right back into there and held on and turned around and you have noticed this positive divergence so a theme is appearing and with us closing right at the key long term resistance. As we go into Monday I want to break above this level, pull back a little and then start to take back off and that could be fantastic we look at this from a weekly basis gang. Just take a look at this so I showed you the 20 period moving average. Now take a look at this as we look at this long term resistance level over here as well. It is at this 4877 area as of Sunday but it will be lower Monday if we get above that pull back to it and take back off we would be in the potential rally faze of all the way up to the 63 64 65 dollar area and still be in the major down trend in crude oil that is how depressed oil is right now as you can imagine I would love nothing more than seeing people get trapped short and getting this massive short covering and dead cap outs especially in crude oil they can be 200 300 400 poles ticks in a half hour. They can really be some fantastic moves here soon. So we will be focusing on that heavily as well.

Stock index futures these we some great charts gold crude euro got great opportunists. Stock index futures as they close out Friday basically what happen is were looking to get down to the below support levels and looking for ranges back down to the next support levels and now too see here on the down below the 17000 level lots of room down we get down below 4143 level lots of room to the down side. So lot of great stuff as we get to the Russell and get below the support here. We have a couple key supports but below 1148 lots of room down and the S&P similar as the other ones we have major support we close at 1990 area but if we get down below that 1970 and below that look out below so going into Monday the favored trades would be looking for short side trades down below those shorts the market will open and go up a little bit and then start to sell off. I will be focused on short side trades if the market opens up and goes up then we will be cautious look for intraday charts giving 2 5 15 minute buy signals and look for pullbacks in those that would not be the favored trade the favored trade is let this sucker loose and continue to drive down here into the rest of next week that will be a key thing we are focusing on there. Looking for general shorts in the stock index futures gold crude euro looking for big moves the bonds doing very well with the strategies I have defined for you we. Let’s go and take a look.

More information as we go ahead with the bonds we have pushed through my resistance level pulled back to it within the speed lines which is what we want to do and then start to take back off again. Next target is the 15263 and then the next target after that. We will keep watching the bonds for you guys have a fantastic night and weekend and we will look forward to seeing each and every one of you. I will be at the Orlando money show and then next Saturday I will be in Arizona myself and Stan dash from trade station we will be speaking from 9 till noon in Scottsdale there there will be a link in the special update section. I am going right from Orlando to Scottsdale. And spend time with great people last year we had a huge turnout and looking forward to another great event this year we look forward to seeing you next Saturday. So let’s have fun click the link tonight underneath you name. Take care and have a great night and see you Monday in the live trading room or in Orlando and Scottsdale next week. Bye, Bye!

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