These Markets Are Offering Up Big Opportunities Right Around The Corner

Welcome back everyone! This is going to be a quick update video here. This is so exciting right now!

I have been telling you about all the accumulation and distribution bars on the DOW, and RUSSELL. You still have distribution bars above on multiple charts. You are also creating new distribution bars today in the DOW. This is a huge fight right now. People are still finding value to buy right now. There are others just saying they are out. This is going to break at some point. I am certainly looking forward to that.

I am looking at this from a play by play perspective. I am not putting any large swing trades on at this moment. I want to see which way we are going to break out at. We had a huge accumulation bar yesterday on the DOW. We had a huge distribution on the bar today. The NASDAQ and the RUSSELL were selling off this morning. The DOW was doing very well this morning. The S&P was just doing okay. I was very reluctant to the short side because of that. I couldn’t help doing it anyway because my indicators were screaming to short.

I then told everyone to watch out! I said this was making a positive divergence and turning around. Right after the open, it had a quick drop down. It ended up taking off like a rocket to the upside. It ended up killing all the people that jumped in short. The charts are still uptrends in the back drop. I said if the DOW starts to come around again, and the S&P holds, that I would focus on the long side. I basically focused on shorting earlier. I now start the room at 8:30 CDT because of all the opportunities coming in the morning these days. I made more money to the upside in the Live Trading Room in the morning. When they pop back up it can be exciting. The DOW was drifting down slowly. The others were heading down more sharply. The market started to come off the lows. Everything was starting to come meet these rising markets. I ended up focusing on long side trades then. It was a tale of two markets here. There was accumulation and distribution bars. I really want to watch all four. The intermarket analysis is huge right now. I want to see if they are all travelling together. Today two went one way and the other two went another way.

Keep that all in mind! I am going to be talking about that more in the next couple days. You can’t make a bet on the swing side just yet. We haven’t cleared these resistance levels. That could show us that we are back into the next run. I also don’t want to be short with all the accumulation bars down below me. There is also a rising trend. I want the market to show me a direction. In the meantime, this is a beautiful trading market. I look forward to seeing you all in the Live Trading Room or in tomorrow night’s videos!

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