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Okay gang, welcome back! Nice day today! Let’s focus on a couple of things that we looked at in today’s session. The VIX went ahead and popped up above the 16 level this morning and beyond. That gave some great shorting opportunities in the Stock Index Futures and that’s where all of my money was made in the LTR this morning. As we take a look at the Euro it’s got some key long-term resistance that we are focused on right now. We are holding on to some dear levels right above the 108 level. I would like to get to the 108 and 10780 in particular to see if we can get some continuation cell-side, but in-the-meant time we have some multi-months support holding us up for the moment.

As we look at Crude Oil, we have been talking about this one a lot. You can still see my alerts that fired off this morning. We are on a short-term, short-side basis and we are still in the channel. We are having false break downs and false break outs. We are stuck in the middle. When it finally breaks it is going to be huge…but don’t get suckered into it short time. It is better to wait until it breaks into the next trend.

As we take a look at Gold, it is another one like the Euro which has some key support areas here at the 1100 area. A lot of activity trading on the both the support side and the resistance side previously. I would like to get down below the 1100 looking for continuation shorts.

As far as the Bond is concerned, they did exactly what we were looking for. We were looking to break down to this support and lead us to this support. We were looking for a move down here. We completed that cycle in the short term. We are going to be watching this important band which is an area with a lot of activity.

Everybody is trying to get me to say bye-bye to Apple but we still have this long-term resistance here and this ties right back into here with a lot of price activity as you can see. Support and resistance in the backdrop here so we have price resistance here as well long-term moving average resistance here. We have to get that 2-bar break through there, and pull back and take back off again. It is failing to hold those levels.

The Stock Index Futures today were some great stuff. As the VIX spiked up the Stock Index Futures started breaking down through the speed lines and that was a key focal point going into today. The short sides were the profitable trades there early on.

As we go into tomorrow I am going to be watching the highs from the last couple of days from the NASDAQ and the lows form today looking for a break out or a break down. In many ways, I like the breakdown because there is a lot of air to the downside here.  If we can break back above those highs from the last couple of days from the S&P, the Russell, the DOW here…if we can break above those highs there is plenty of air. A great time to be a trader and an equal opportunist. Whether we break out and break down just as people have been watching me do in the Live Trading Room.

I hope everyone can join me for this BIG event next Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST. It is going to be myself and Davide Biocchi from Italy. He is a professional international Trading Champion. We are both going to be sharing strategies that we use in the European session and the US session. So many of you have been learning from people that DO NOT even trade. People need real live traders that are actually proving that they are some of the best. That’s what I and Davide can do for you. So it is going to be a really great event filled with key topics on how we went from average traders to champions and how YOU can too! I have had two of my students end up in international trading championships. It will be fun! When is the last time you saw two live world-wide winning, trading champions? I have beating Davide and he has beaten me! You will get a great combination of strategies from the two of us who can help you in this business. I look forward to seeing you all next week. Make sure to register in advance at

This is a very special event so please do not miss your spot! I will see you all in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in this weekend’s videos! Take care everyone!

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