Monday’s Must-See Market Strategy Video And An Important Clarification

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On Friday we had a failed divergence on the NASDAQ. The price was making a higher high and the indicators were making a lower low. This market would start to retrace about 80 – 85% of the time. Every so often we have a situation where the sells don’t really sell. The indicators would then start to go back up with the market. That is exactly what ended up happening. That is a huge buy signal and tore the markets up to the upside. We focused on that heavily in the Live Trading Room.

We have Supreme Court announcements coming out, President Trump meeting with Russia, and trade war talks going around. These all make the markets go around and around. The DOW had a notable increase today. However, it is stalling out at the top end of resistance. That is as of the shooting of this video. The DOW is playing catch up from all of the great work that the RUSSELL and NASDAQ did on Friday. The S&P and DOW are trying to play catch up today. They were timid in the holiday lightened trade on Friday.

We are trying to see if we can break through these key resistance levels right now. We have the resistance on the S&P and DOW. The Bonds are at major resistance level on a daily and weekly basis. The big divergence and long term selling on the weekly charts. The daily chart failed on Friday. It tried to pop its head above the long term resistance and rolled back down. This is still the resistance I warned you about previously. We need to get a little bit higher for some meaningful long side opportunities.

Goldman Sachs did a pretty good job. They had a positive divergence as well. When we see the markets rising with Goldman Sachs that could bode well. The 226 area could help us see better moves. that bodes really well for Goldman Sachs and the markets.

I have a clarification for you from last week as well. If you go to, you can utilize the different indicator type bubbles. If we are around the 140,150,160 area, we don’t want to do anything with that. If we start to get higher that could mean buy. We already saw that happen with Netflix and Facebook before.

Netflix is actually up around $5 again today. It was climbing out of that 150 area it did a nice job of following through. Facebook was in a similar spot. Facebook was around the 150 area too. It started to climb up and continued into today. Keep an eye on that as you are seeing some of these stocks. You can just click on any of those areas to get a whole list of all of the key markets and stocks that we are watching.

Let’s say we pick GILD. GILD climbed out of those low numbers and started taking off to the upside. You can start paying attention to that. That led to some very nice moves. Make sure you check out for financial news. There are a lot of exclusive contributors who write specific articles for that site. There are also great tools from News Quantified. That is monumentally important during the earnings season. You will want to take a look at those different tools.

I made a comment last week that I was incorrect on. I said that we had over $200,000 in prizes for the upcoming Wealth365 Summit. It is actually over a quarter million dollars in prizes. Someone else is actually promoting that right now as I’m shooting this. That was not staged either! This is a great looking page! You can signed up at to get yourself signed up! We have brand new technology for the speaking and prize pieces of the summit. If you haven’t heard it from about a milltion people, now is the chance to get signed up.

You can sign up at to sign up. Don’t forget to check out the news site as well!

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