A Must-See: Rob’s Favorite Sources For Wealth Creation Tools

Welcome back everyone! First of all, before I get into cool sources for wealth creation tools. I want to give you a quick update from the last video. We told you that the preferred trade of action going into today’s session was to have the market pop up first and then look for shorts. The way this played out, early in the morning the market had sold off in the European session. It popped up taking advantage of all the people who shorted down below. Then, at that point, after it popped up into the US session, it rolled back down again. At that time, that’s where there were some really great opportunities going into this market as a whole.

Let’s talk about where we’re at. It did pop up into the US session and roll over – so that’s great. Now, going into the next few days, what’s important to both day and swing traders (and if you’re a longer term investor) we’re looking to hold these key levels. On the S&P we’re talking about the 2648 area. The 1545 area on the Russell. The 24080 on the Dow. The 6660 area on the Nasdaq. Those are all very important levels. Those are key important support levels. You can see the market is struggling to get at or above them. We’ve been fighting that all morning. That’s what led to the volatile trading this morning. If you’re long, you want those levels to hold. If you’re looking to short, you want to break them. My preferred trade of choice going into next week is the short-side. With that being said, if we fail to hold these key supports that I told you about. I’ll get a lot more aggressive on the short-side. In the interim until we get back above the speed lines, we’ll take cautious longs like this morning when the market was pushing up but as soon as we smack into resistance, I’m going to start focusing on the shorting again. We’re kind of caught between falling resistance and rising support. We want to break out/break down from that area. That’s going to be much more indicative of that area. For our swing traders and investors, that will give them more of a sigh of relief.

Let’s take a look at those tools now. What you’ll see here is Wealth365.com, a financial news site where I post and many other well-known traders and investors post. There’s a lot of different content from a lot of different areas. I put my code together along with some other trader’s and investor’s code and we created the Daily Wealth365 Strength Index. It’s really cool if you haven’t checked it out. If you’re looking for different trading ideas, you click on that button and it gives you a summary of the market and from a daily, weekly and monthly perspective. But it also ranks different stocks. If you’ll notice, a lot of them were in the extreme down category. It’s amazing how well it identified some of these short opportunities in the market. Just the fact that the market had virtually nothing in the green. Everything else was either flat, moderately flat or extremely flat. With all that being said, what a great tool to help identify from an educational perspective some of the different markets in the trending opportunities that they’re going.

Now, after you get done with that tool and checking out all the different content that’s available there. I’ll occasionally put trade alerts up there. Then you can go over to the Summit page. When you get to the Summit page, there’s a lot of cool stuff to check out. The next one is in two weeks. I’m speaking at it and a lot of well-known people are speaking at it. You have Ralph Acampora, John Dobosz who writes for Forbes, Tom Aspray who writes for Forbes as well. There’s a lot of wealth and wisdom with those guys. There’s Greg Herlean who is doing real estate. There are lots of great minds. Jennifer Coombs is going to talk about investing for millennials. There is the Kalis Brothers. If you’re looking to start, grow or sell a business, these are the guys to talk to. I’m not going to do a long commercial for the Summit. It speaks for itself. Best part about it, you get to check out the best products from the top companies. Nobody is jumping out from a booth to scan your badge. You can watch from the comfort of your own home. There’s no travel. You can get up and walk away if you don’t like the content or of interest to you. There’s $50,000 worth of prizes – some of my really expensive stuff will be in there as well. It’s all in two weeks. That’s pretty cool!

You go to summit.wealth365.com to get registered for the April event. I’ll see you at my special event at the summit in just about two weeks.

Have a great night and great weekend! We’ll see you in the live trading room Monday morning and in the nightly videos.

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