Very Nice Live Trading Today – How Rob Did So Well

Okay gang welcome back! As we look at today it failed the follow through to the upside as Crude Oil had previously done and part Crude Oil was ahead of the whole game here. If you recall it was well over a week ago and Crude Oil launched into the key falling resistance and we are ready for a pull back. Crude’s pull back got so ferocious today that it went ahead and drove the US market. We are hoping to see if we can get a continuation to the upside to follow through Crude’s pattern, but if Crude is going to sell off then I was perfectly okay taking a trade to the downside in fact that is what we did in the Live Trading Room this afternoon. Basically, we broke down below yesterday’s lows which were IRB’s that is a great sell signal. We originally started out small, slow, steady, and more conservatively to the short side. As we accelerated through the speed lines particularly on the Russell today that went ahead and offered some fantastic trading. All of you that get my trade alerts should have received a trade alert as we were breaking down through the key sell points today and then what happened every time we rolled back through those sell points offered up some fantastic shorting opportunities.

All of the red areas we were focusing on a lot of shorting this morning and then we have a private mentorship here today through Thursday so we were shorting the heck out of this thing until it continued right here into the afternoon. A very profitable day for myself today. Kudos to my students both from the room and mentorship that saw these great sells and had the momentum indicator! It is really fantastic for entry and re-entry opportunities here and very exciting time to say the least. Our focus were in these sell areas and that was a fantastic solution.  We are seeing morning and afternoon trades 1 ½ times 2 times your profit from the morning. We are looking forward to hitting it tomorrow morning again. The key focus was to see that Crude Oil was dropping and putting us under pressing in the US Market and breaking down through yesterday’s key inventory retracement bars. It is a strategy of mine that all of you should be very familiar with. That is what set off the fireworks this morning in the Live Trading Room and we were able to accelerate that as we were breaking down through the other sides of the speed lines-that is what led to the trade alert. I am looking forward to seeing you guy’s tomorrow morning to do it all over again! Have a wonderful evening and take care everyone!


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