Nice pullback with the Negative Divergence Trade we’ve been sharing with you!

Okay, welcome back, everybody! First of all thank you for being very supportive in my absence. As many of you know, I was sick for nearly two weeks and my voice has been more than off. I’m still trying to recover but it’s way better than it was. So, thank you again and thanks for Ziad going ahead and helping keep things going in my absence. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna kick off with a few thoughts here from Ziad about potential outcomes going into next week. Then, I’m going to share some additional thoughts from there taking the macro view back down to the intraday trading view that you guys need to see. So, with that being said, Z do you want to kick off? Well, thank you so much, Rob, it was an exciting week in markets with a turned down into the end of the week and on the backs of the negative divergences that Rob and I have been talking to you about over the last couple of weeks, we saw our fruits of labor come to fruition this week. Into the end of this week the close was not negative enough to tell us that the market is disorderly and going to break down nothing like that. But, if you look at the red dot momentum shift dots – going all the way back to December of 2019 you can see that when the market does start to pull back on Rob’s indicators we get a move down of about 50 to 90 points. More often than not 90 points. We haven’t quite completed that move yet.

So, we’re still looking out for a potential downside risk into the 3304 to the 3305 area, the S&P 500 followed up by a dead cap bounce that can take us back up into the 3350s and depending upon how we bounce whether it’s stimulus led or not we’ll see whether or not continuation to the upside can happen nonetheless it’s going to be an exciting week in markets next week and we certainly look forward to that. Rob, over to you! Exactly, so as we go ahead and we take a look at a couple of things we’ve been telling you, gang. If you go back and look at the videos we’ve been sharing up till now, we talked a lot about this great even back here February 11th, February 7th “Close of the week with the negative divergence trade”, “Kick off to the week with the negative divergence trades”, “The trade that continues to work right now”. Negative divergence trade, right? So here we are over and over we’ve been telling you guys about this for weeks and here we are sure enough, what’s happening we’ll start off with yesterday, of course, and keep it in sequential order. I came back to the trading room yesterday because I said I’ve been out and we had that negative divergence that we’ve been talking to you about and so that leads to potentially long side and short side opportunities and yesterday, for instance, we broke down below the speed lines and as you know we break down below the speed lines I really want to focus on the shorts and that’s what we did. It was absolutely phenomenal, people loved going ahead and trading we had the ITP indicators firing off like crazy. You had throttling, you had the double red dots, you had the double momentums, everything you want to go-ahead and see then you went ahead and had the stochastic spike M pattern sell retracement only to roll right back over and die a horrible death. Just classic. Absolutely classic. You know, movement showing the things that we’ve been sharing with you and again this is not something new it’s not something after the fact we’ve been telling you about it here for weeks with this. So, then as we went ahead and went into today I was trading live on the screen in front of people yesterday morning, Ziad was going ahead and in there trading this morning and you could see it was kind of the same thing – we had throttling, we ended up having the dual momentums, we had double red dots, so we had all sorts of great stuff and of course, after the pull-down, after a pullback, we expect another resumption of the downside. But then at that point the indicator showed the positive divergence on intraday basis so that gave us a short-term move to the upside. So, this gave opportunities you know particularly the short side with the really easy with trend ones also gave opportunities back up with the positive divergence and then that’s showing the short term long side opportunities. So, there was something for everybody here again this morning’s session and Ziad ended up grossing there about $262.50 it looks like, right Z? That is absolutely correct.

So, really great stuff but all this stems from what we’ve been telling you here in the live at you know trading environment but in these nightly videos you see how many videos really in the last couple weeks we’ve been talking about the negative divergence trade like a broken record but we told you that’s what’s working now from our perspective. It’s the best opportunity and I’ll just tell you again typically when I trade with my indicators, I tend to make the most money, when I trade against my indicators or do something stupid I tend to go ahead and lose the most money. So, I want to talk to you more about these strategies and how we go ahead and we use them. So, this Tuesday evening we’re going to be doing an event at 7:00 pm Eastern 6:00 PM Central 4 p.m Pacific time. Join us here this coming Tuesday. All you got to do is go to I just go there right now and you go and get yourself signed up to go ahead and join this very special event next week. This is only the second time I’ve ever done this. I did this back in December for you and this is the the second time that we’re now doing this publicly and you can see how accurate we were with the information we gave you in advance so learn these things you need to understand these strategies and the exact tools that i’m using to go ahead and do this and what Z is also using there in the live trading room. So, with that being said go to and we’ll look forward to seeing you next Tuesday evening. Take care, everyone. Have a great rest of the weekend. Bye-bye! English

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