Sorry About Last Night But Good News

This is Hubert Senters here with Rob Hoffman.  We are looking at Crude on a daily chart because a lot of people are asking what we think about Crude Oil.  According to the Pro Signals there is a double sell signal below the cloud.  There is also a momentum shift going to the downside as well.  We like the downside.  Yesterday on this candle we had a Momentum Shift with Trend to the downside.  Today we have follow through on that.  What we need to figure out is our preferred time frame.  We are looking at a 2 minute candle chart here.  You can use whatever you like.  We are looking at the daily now, and it is telling us to go lower.  We will ignore the long signals on the smaller time frames.  We are also looking for the sell signals on the smaller time frames.  There are some of the sell signals and the Momentum Shift with Trend.  We are breaking down on Crude.  We are down about 84 cents.  We will probably go even lower and test the lows of this bar.  I want to let Rob talk a little bit now.

There were those great buy signals on the 2 minute chart this morning.  The ones you want to focus on are the sells that kicked off this morning after the Crude Oil inventory report.  As Hubert pointed out, there were multiple entries and reentry points.  There were ones with trend and ones with break downs back to back.  Let’s go back to the daily chart really fast because Hubert picked up on something very important there.  When we get a short term green dot, then we break down below it that could be a great sell signal.  When the buys don’t buy, the buys don’t follow through.  That often can be a great sell opportunity.  We will want to see if we could close a little lower today.  That could bode well for some continuation shorts.  If that is the case, we will go right back to the 2 min or 60 min chart for sells to the downside.

If this holds up the 60 min signal will be good for around 3 days.  It is the sideways trend on the candle color.  I would prefer it to be red.  But there is still a sell signal coming back through the cloud, which will be good for around 3 days.

In last night’s webinar there were exactly 4160 registered for the webinar last night.  Unfortunately you probably got locked out because GoToWebinar only holds 1000 people.  When GoToWebinar locks up like that, it gives you a little window that pops up in front of your face.  This is a screen shot we took last night.  Someone was not allowed to enter the webinar because it was full.  I guess they give you an extra one as a token there.  We will be out of town on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  We are taking a high precision rifle class.  We will try not to shoot each other!  It will be next Thursday at 7 PM Eastern Time.  We will hyperlink you all to the form.  Make sure to show up early because maybe it will increase your odds at getting a seat in the webinar.  I will see you all in the future!

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