Nothing Less Than An Outstanding Trading Session Today!

Okay gang, welcome back. Well what an exciting day. Another great day and a fantastic year 2015 here. We went ahead and we told you yesterday that what we’re going to be looking for is aggressive trades to long side if we broke up above the speed lines up or we’ll be looking for aggressive trades to the short side if we broke down below. Well what happened this morning, we started right outside the gate and we got above those speed lines and that led to some beautiful movement to the upside. Well you think we stayed long all day? No! We sure didn’t. In fact, what we did was, we actually identified the exact top here. This is a beautiful add on to yesterday’s premium video. If you’re not watching my premium nightly day trading videos, you’re missing a lot. Because we showed in yesterday’s video, how, and now today, we had a max range extension here. We also had an R2 over extension. What this particular extension said from here to here was that there was a statistical probability based on my work that this was 99.77% chance that this was going to reverse here today. Okay? That’s an internal metric that I use. So, when I see that we have a less than 1% chance that we are going to go up, you can bet that I’m going to be betting down. We also hit R2, the normal maximum statistical daily range on the pivots. Then, on top of that – and best of all – we had my 3 musketeers trading. And if you are not familiar with that, you really need to be watching my premium nightly videos. I am insuring that with you that it has been working so incredibly wonderfully. So as we went ahead and we saw that this is the actual screen shot from this morning at 9:21AM, where we had already been talking about this for minutes before as it went ahead and took place at the exact top in this market, after it generated a cell signal. So what that looked like here, was right back here, and the way that trade is taken, is looking for a stop just above the high over here, which it never got stopped out, it rolled over, and died a horrible death where it continued to fall and fall. So again, if you are not familiar with that 3 musketeer’s trade, you have to watch those premium nightly videos because we saw it once again, it was the exact opposite of yesterday. Yesterday, we had a max range extension to the down side, which I shared in the premium videos, an S2 trade, and then a 3 musketeers back to the upside. Then, of course, we had the great move back up off the morning push-down. So, really great stuff here. As we go into the session tomorrow, what we’re going to be looking for is basically more of the same. If we get down below the speed lines and stay down below, I’m going to be looking for short side trades. If we get back above the speed lines, I’ll be looking for long side trades. A lot of volatility, a lot of great stuff here. We had basically, doji stars, which are big fat periods of indecision. So this market certainly could explode either different direction, so I’m going to use those as my gage, along with those precise entry techniques that I went ahead and shared with you. So really great stuff, what a great way to continue on with the year. Let’s keep up the great momentum that we already have in the New Year. Make sure you’re watching my swing trade videos. We have officially launched our swing trading alerts. So, those of you that are a part of the nightly swing trading videos are getting those alerts as well. A lot of great stuff here. Let’s keep it up. You guys have a great night. We’ll see you in the live trading room tomorrow morning or tomorrow night’s videos. Let’s keep enjoying the ride. Take care.

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