The Perfect Time To Be An Active Trader

Welcome back everyone! We have a market that is basically net-net neutral right now before FOMC. The S&P is into the speed lines. The DOW is just below the speed lines. We also have a falling RUSSELL and rising NASDAQ. My strategy is going to be watching to see who wins and loses after the FOMC. Is the RUSSELL going to get back in line? I will then look for long side trades in the S&P. If I am trading smaller size for risk management, I would look into the NASDAQ. I am currently on the bigger size piece of this.

I otherwise want to see the RUSSELL sell off into the afternoon. I might look for shorting there then. We need to get through the FOMC. I want to see all of those things moving together. This is a split decision gang.

We are only roughly 10 or 12 days away from the incredible Wealth365 Summit. This is going to be focused on trading and investing because of earnings season. We also have the election a few weeks after. A lot of the speakers will be focusing on trading executions and strategies around earnings and elections season. This is going to be a big one! This will be a perfect timing for a perfect show. You will all want to be a part of this can’t miss event! I will explain some of the things I did to win my most recent trading competitions. Go to right away to sign up! I will see you there!

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