A Picture Perfect Sell-Off In The Market. The Days You Live For!

Welcome back everyone! Was this an exciting day in the market today!

Let’s start with the facts from yesterday. We had distribution on four out of the five instruments. All the U.S. instruments had distribution after yesterday’s gap up. That was all pre-determined because the market had all weekend to absorb the news.

We had to get the RUSSELL above the channel and fallen resistance. We also had to get above the high on the NASDAQ. We just wanted to break above the inventory retracement bars on the other instruments. That good news gap was just used to sell. That is why we just wanted to focus on those distribution bars so potently. We were hoping to see if we could get above the highs. There is a lot more air up above if we were able to get above those.

We realized that the RUSSELL was much weaker than the other instruments since walking in the door. It was all about this level. We were right at the edge of the abyss. That was the 1524 area. I said that if we start breaking down through that, it could be a great opportunity.

If you guys have been coming to the special classes, go watch the replay. It will be up till tomorrow. We talked about Goldman Sachs repeatedly. I have been very bearish on Goldman Sachs. The 245 mark was a huge deal. We locked in a distribution bar there. We held the channel an off the races it went. It fired off multiple sell signals on weekly charts. I told you all that we had already made it to the number 2 target. Today’s push down helped us achieve target number 2.

We ended up firing off a sell signal. We were then consolidating. I said that if we broke down it could lead to a great trading opportunity. I also told you that if we broke down through target 2 that I will look for big moves. That same training I gave you in advance several times last week actually happened once again today. The market broke down through that and the air was let out of the tire. That was great for my profitability. It has been a great several days that I have been using. I wanted to show you how I have been using them.

I wanted to talk about how I have been capping off profits before the mourning close tomorrow for President George H.W. Bush. What a way to go into tomorrow’s day. I know that I am already set and that I can take a look into Thursday with a fresh mind. You can see the sell signals fired off and broke down through target 2 and was off to the races. It also fired off another sell signal here as well.

This is putting all the important things together. I have been talking about these strategies with these daily charts. I have talked to you about Goldman Sachs and key support and resistance levels. I explained how those could go right back into being sells. The video explaining this was sent to all of you. Make sure you watch this video right now. Whether it was Goldman Sachs or prepping for days like today, all those things came to fruition. Go to www.traderrescue.com and sign up right away!

Have a great night!

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