How To Get Prepared For Six Things That Could Throw The Market For A Loop

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at several important things today. It is great to be back with everyone after being in Europe last week. I ended up winning my biggest ever trading competition ever there. I will be explaining how you all can benefit from that as well.

Let’s take a look at the markets as a whole. We are holding on for dear life at the S&P key speed lines. We held the midpoint of the channel on the RUSSELL. It had a rally but got caught in all the resistance above. There are about four resistance levels holding the RUSSELL down right now. We are holding on for dear life on the DOW right now too. The NASDAQ bounced off the speed lines as well.

Right now the markets are still in an uptrend at this point. I told people to watch about for shorts. I said that they will work at some point. You can get the sharp moves to the downside. That will trap retail traders in using the long red bars. The market ends up V-Spiking right back up. As long as we are holding the key support levels, it is a big fat no for me from an intraday perspective.

There are 6 things right now that could affect the markets in the short term. President Trump will be meeting with leaders in the United Nations. He will be trying to convince them to stop working with Iran. If that fails, it is probably going to make Trump mad. He might gearing up bigger trade war issues with some of the countries that don’t want to isolate Iran.

The trade wars as a whole are another thing. China has made it clear they don’t want to be held at knifepoint. President Trump obviously wants to keep the head on. Could those things spiral out of control?

The FOMC is tomorrow. They have pretty much indicated that they are willing to move two more times and see what happens. How will that affect the markets? It is kind of baked into the cake to some degree.

The Kavanaugh hearings are another thing that can play into things. A lot of turbulence could come if he were to not get appointed to the Supreme Court. A lot of people have been following all of this closely. That is on both sides of the fence. This could certainly learn to market repercussions. This directly ties into the last two.

The earnings and elections season is about to be here. Some of those things tie into each other as well. There will be a lot of volatility and opportunity. This could bring a lot of risk if you aren’t prepared for that.

The last trading competition was multidiscipline. It featured Stocks, Futures, and Equities. There were three different segments to the competition. It was bigger and more intense than the ones before. Those were still very intense though.

We have the Wealth365 Summit in less than two weeks. I am going to be sharing some of the strategies I used to win the competition. I will also be focusing on the earnings and elections cycle as well. I also know that some of the biggest names in the industry who are speaking at this event will be focused on trading and investing. A lot of them will be focusing on education centered on the earnings and election cycles. This is going to be different than some of the previous ones. There will be a laser focus on the different things you need to know. You just can’t help but be there because of all the things on the horizon. You need to know how to trade and manage your risk through the process. You can go to to sign up! It is free to sign up. Join me and so many other market professionals. This show is continuously growing so you will see plenty of new faces. I can’t wait to see you all there!

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