The Previous Big Public Event with Rob!

Hi everyone! This video was created on 12-16-2019. Now that the holidays are over, we are catching up on uploading videos. Enjoy!

Well, welcome back everybody. This is exactly what I was talking about in my video from this weekend here. So, basically for those of you that maybe didn’t see this weekend’s video – for the first time ever publicly I’m going ahead and breaking down several of my core strategies from my Institutional Trader Pro tools and indications. I’ve never done it publicly before it’s only been kept in house for my student family and then I had a lock-up period, I honored that lockup period, and now for the first time ever I’ll be able to share this with our student family and boy you know just today alone same thing here you can see all my ITP indicators which you’ll learn about tomorrow night. Far enough, I want to talk a little bit more about what goes into these the strategies and how they tie in with all those different strategies and setups that you guys have learned with for me throughout the years. So, this is gonna be a very unique kind of presentation not to kind of thing that you’d normally see from me because I’ve never ever done this actually, publicly, but basically it’s an inside track to “Rob in a box” it’s like having me right next to you with all the culmination of my life’s work it’s really, truly several years that came together here that’s only been available internally to my student family for the last two years and only once in December of 2017 and then in 28th of December 2018 so once a year for the last two years and so first time publicly ever now for you guys. So, a big, big event here and it really ties in with what’s happening with the markets right now and it kind of moves that are happening here and when you’re sitting there doubting what kind of trades to be focused on, you at least know that exactly what I’m looking at and exactly what I’m thinking.

So, for those who they haven’t already gone ahead and done so make sure you don’t miss this special class tomorrow go to because it’s the first time I’ve ever done this publicly put all these different things together for you and but I said in all the years you guys have been around me all the things you’ve seen from me you’ve never seen this is a very powerful time and what a great way to kick-off 2020 in the biggest trade new year yet with what’s happening with the elections and impeachment Brexit, all of these other things, so, perfect timing for this, so this would be a very special event here and looking forward to sharing it with you guys tomorrow night. You’ll be my guinea pigs to go ahead and do this so but it’s all live of course and so it will all be done unscripted and just out there for you guys. So, you just don’t know what I’m gonna say into what kind of questions I’ll answer and I’ll help you guys tomorrow night. So, looking forward to it! Go to right now. I can’t wait to see you for this first-ever special event tomorrow night. Take care everyone. Bye bye

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