Being Quick To Sell Was The Right Course Of Action Per Last Night’s Plan

Welcome back everyone!  We talked about how I moved to a market neutral position in last night’s video.  We talked about all of the different factors going on right now.  We have the geopolitical environments that puts the President’s agenda on a razors edge.  We have a lot of great news priced in.  It is a lot easier for this market to go down than up.  Sure enough we saw that all happen.

The market opened up and looked like it was going up to the moon.  It then started to fire off a bunch of sell signals shortly after the open this morning on the DOW.  It just didn’t look back.  It was absolutely brutal here.  Every sell signal I had was firing off at a maddening pace.

We had quadruple witching tomorrow.  If some of these instruments can get below their speed lines I will be aggressively following through with shorts.  Now you are starting to see some of the things we have been talking about coming home to roost.  We have negative divergences on some of these instruments, we have negative market energy on some of them, and are waning on some of them.  The strategy continues to be to look very quickly for the tide to turn on an intraday basis.

The reality is that we need to be thinking a little bit smarter.  A lot of things are priced for perfection.  If things don’t follow through, bad things can happen fast.  The markets tend to walk the stairs up and ride the elevator down.

Those are a couple key things for tonight.  I look forward to your responses!

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