WITH REAL MONEY: It Happened EXACTLY How Rob Showed It Last Night

Welcome back everyone!  I have the mentorship students here with us today.  Those of you who were at this awesome event last night got to hear from some of those mentoring students.  Thanks for all of the feedback from everyone who said that this was one of the best webinars we ever did.

A lot of people were asking what we were going to do with Goldman Sachs.  From a directional swing trading basis, we are sideways and technically damaged.  Since the Champion Setups is denoting that we are sideways and technically damaged, we are trendless.  The only type of trade that could possibly be done from my perspective is a stochastic spike play.  When we go directionless like this we look to short the short term tops, and buy the short term bottoms.  When we get the high stochastics I look to short, and when we get low stochastics I look to buy.  These are just very short term swing trades.  These are only a handful of day’s type trades.  That is the only thing we can do to remain active and keep the account moving directionally.  You can also do an Iron Condor type trade where you are betting the market will remain the same.  I am not expecting this to stay the same. Therefore, I am not looking for something like that to happen.  I would prefer a directional play to start happening.

If you were in the trading room this morning you know what we did.  I ended up catching a really nice explosion in the market.  I got in right before it exploded because I did what I usually explain in these nightly videos.  If we get back above the speed lines I am usually focusing on long side trades.  Most of the markets were above the speed lines.  The NASDAQ had the most room to grow back up to the speed lines. The other ones already had a big rally for the day.  The most potential opportunity left was in the NASDAQ to get back towards the speed lines.  That seemed all but inevitable.  In the uptrend this morning we had the Champion Setups firing off long side trades.  I took long side trades in the NASDAQ.  In the uptrend we are looking for either a green dot/ green bar immediately, or a green bar fires off afterwards.  We are also looking for a red dot to break above as well.  We caught on to one of those two types of trades before the explosion to the upside.  That was phenomenal!  It exploded so hard that people watched the bids and offers go up the screen to the upside.  Who doesn’t like those types of trades?

I used the same strategies that I showed you in yesterday’s special webinar!  Join us this Friday if you missed yesterday’s webinar at 12p.m. Eastern Time for another special event.  I got to use these strategies in the Live Trading Room today before it exploded off the screen using the same tools I was talking about last night.  I am going to continue to watch because the Stock Indices are above the speed lines on most of these.  I want to see if the NASDAQ can recoup fully.  I am backing off that until I get above the speed lines like that.  Now we are looking to see if it can pierce through there.  Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/yes to get signed up!  I will see you all at this special event.

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