Were You In Rob And Davide’s Live Trading Event This Morning? Don’t Miss Saturday Morning Updates And Encore!

Welcome back, everybody, what an exciting way to close out the week on Wall Street. It was even better because we had a live class this morning which was a special follow-on from the VIP class we did yesterday.

We did the class today and I was able to go ahead and make money right there, live in my real live account using the strategies that we were teaching. I keep telling everybody, I guess I’ll keep saying it until I connect with every single person out there, shout from the rooftops: this is an incredible market out there right now, especially with the way that we closed this week.

We have two inventory retracement bars back to back here, which is very powerful. We held those key supports here into the week. Statistically, what typically happens after this, and this is certainly what we want to see for long side trade action into next week, is getting back above the speed lines here and trading above those on all four of the US Stock indices and, for that matter, I’d like to see the DAX do the same there. The Bottom line though, is that what should happen is that we actually bounce from there next week with those double dutch accumulations bars. Massive support holds, we’re going to be watching that very closely, because that’s what should happen. If that doesn’t happen and the market starts to go down, that should really cause some exacerbated selling to the downside. So, as you can imagine, for the average retail investor, they’re looking to get right back above those little pink lines on all these different markets, come Monday, so we’ll be watching very closely.

The beauty is, on a day trading basis here though, like with the strategy we showed this morning using some of my conventional tools like the Trader Rescue Package, the beauty as we were actually teaching it this morning with some of the stuff you guys have in your charting packages, so you can use it for absolutely free. We went ahead and we broke back up above this line, pulled back, started taking back off to the main forefront indicator that you guys have on your charting packages. Sure enough, that tied in beautifully with target two on my indicator as well. I was able to talk about how my strategies and these new strategies that we were teaching go ahead and tie in. So if you, for some reason, did not go ahead and make it to the class here, if you were not part of the VIP class on Thursday, if you were not part of today’s class where I was able to trade with live money, tomorrow I am not going to be able to trade live on the screen or make real live money, of course, because the market will be closed but you can sure learn the strategies that I’ll be focusing on going into next week. So go to, one more time, myself and Davide, and if everybody noticed, Davide is doing a lot of teaching but I’m doing more than half the teaching myself, if not more than that today, as well. It’s a really great opportunity for you to learn and hear from both of us what we are using, as in this morning with my real live account, the same things I’m teaching. Really phenomenal.

Make sure you go to becomeabettertrader.com/go because of the volatility and what’s happening in these markets, you need the information and because there are so many opportunities in an intra-day basis and a swing trading basis, as I proved repeatedly this morning, this is a stock picker’s market. If you’re a stock or options trader, I can’t imagine what you could possibly be doing tomorrow morning that would be more important than that unless you’re with your family. If you’re not with your family or if your family can do without you for a morning or two, you might want to be on this class. As we showed, it’s really powerful information at just the right time.

Go to becomeabettertrader.com/go and do that right now to make sure you do not miss this tomorrow morning. It’s at 10ET, 9CT, 7PT so you can get this great class taken and watched and then enjoy your day and get ready for a phenomenal trading week next week. Have a wonderful rest of the evening and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

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