Come See How Rob Hoffman Just Won Two More International Trading Competitions In Europe

Welcome back everyone! It is good to be back after the trips and trading competitions in Europe.

The market is pulling back again today. Let’s take a look at what is happening from my perspective.

This is a cumulative effect. We have trade war tit for tats going on. We also had FOMC raising interest rates. Now we have the Supreme Court ruling that states can collect sales taxes. These are all knowns that are happening right now. There are also unknowns. We have an election cycle coming up. A lot of people are saying that if one political party gets into power that could lead to impeachment. That gives us one big fat unknown.

When the market is ripping and roaring to the upside, not one or two of these things can ruin the party. You start to start adding all of these things together though, and the market starts to pull back the market.  You can check out CNN’s money site. Fun fact, you can see Wealth365 banners on the website as well. That is a new tax coming in. Earlier in the year the market started to go up because of the tax breaks. If all of these online retails are going to start charging you more that will increase the prices again. That starts to erode the tax break that you once had. That will hurt a lot of businesses again and help the states. Most of you don’t have a lot of confidence in your favorite states. You might want to verse up on what is leading up to this.

This accumulative effect means that you can’t ignore and buy every dip. That has worked well for the last several years. These things can really end up being a drag on the markets. These all become taxes that counteract the great tax breaks we were once given. These are things I wanted you all to think about.

It basically means you can’t ignore the short side as well, even if you are an investor who likes to take long side trades. We were shorting this morning in the Live Trading Room. The market went down like 50 NASDAQ points in around 5 minutes this morning. The average retail trader’s stop loss in the NASDAQ is 5 points or 20 ticks. That is around 10 times the normal retail trader’s stop loss. That is how fast that moved to the downside in 5 minutes. Some of those opportunities become great trading opportunities. You have to be willing or able to short the markets or understand the tools to use to use the inverse. We will talk about those things more in the days to come.

Also, thank you very much who sent in the warm congratulations for me winning the live trading competitions in Europe. Get signed up right away at! I will look forward to seeing you at this very special upcoming event. In addition to roughly 80 other speakers, I will be sharing the actual trading strategies that I used in these competitions. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I also look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow or in tomorrow night’s videos!

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