Rob Hoffman’s Day And Swing Trading Market Strategy Update For 1/15/19

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at the markets from a day and swing trading perspective. I want to explain all the things we should be focusing on when looking for the big breaks in the market.

We are at the all-important channel that I have been telling you about. The S&P is at the top end of the resistance. We are still hanging tough on the RUSSELL. We are still struggling on the DOW. However, we are holding in there after the accumulation bars came yesterday. We are just now pushing through the top end of the channel on the NASDAQ. I am looking for all four of these to get above the channel, hold, and then take back off. If you go to, you will notice these tools that I have mentioned repeatedly. I really want to continue to reiterate this to all of our new students. If we are in the 150 area and we are starting to take off through the 180 or 200 area, I will really be looking for long side opportunities.

I pointed out that Netflix did just that. I have been featuring Netflix in many videos. Netflix fired off a buy signal but had a sell in the backdrop. That led down to target one and got rejected. It was good that it didn’t get to target two. That means it showed strength there. It fired off buy signals. It ended up hitting targets one and two. I told you that yesterday was an important day because of the accumulation bar. The overall market was strong in the overnight session. That allowed the market to gap up and continue. There are even more opportunities as the market goes up.

Watch these numbers down below. If you are a Wealth365 VIP member, there are several different indices that are offered. A lot of those have been climbing. Netflix is right at the top now. I have pointed that out as it was climbing through the ranks. Make sure you keep that in mind. Some of my programming logic went into the WSI.

The article just changed as I have been talking with you. This is now talking about Netflix leading the tech rally. I have been talking about this for days. This was great timing here. Netflix is a key factor as we are watching and waiting for the markets to take off.

If you are going to take a short-term swing trade, I personally would look at what is rising or falling from the 150 numbers. That can really lead you to some better options down or up.

Goldman Sachs has been going along with the party. I don’t want to see it get stuck in the channel and fail. That could drag the overall market down. You have seen that we have been swimming in this area. We have also been consolidating in these all-important areas.

It will be the same thing for Amazon. Amazon has been trying to push through the channel. That is bullishness for you. We are overall sideways to slightly down right now. You want to stick with the strongest stocks now. Amazon is still barely above the 150 level. That is why I was pointing Netflix out to you guys. You can see Netflix was busting out and pushing up. I am not looking for baskets of long side stocks.

I am looking for key buy signals from a day trading perspective. These were huge moves in very short amounts of time. I have been following my methodologies. I am going to be following select stocks off of the WSI tool.

Hopefully a lot of you saw the big interview that was done today about Wealth365. This article will be syndicated throughout the country later this week. This has already started I believe! Don’t forget to join the summit. I am going to be listing out some of my favorite speakers this week. There are just so many top speakers at this show. Go to right away to sign up. There will be 30 plus new speakers. A lot of these were people you asked us to have on the show. You guys have a great night!

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