Rob Hoffman’s Day And Swing Trading Market Strategy Update For 1/17/19

Welcome back everyone! Normally we focus on day and swing trading in the videos. Today we are going to focus more on the swing trading side for stocks and options.

I want to share this free tool that I have talked about many times before. I want to make sure you all see it again. Go to to check out the WSI and other tools. There are also exclusive articles and videos that you can’t find anywhere else. I am going to focus on the WSI tool for this video. My code went into building this tool.

You can click anywhere on this to see over a 100 different stocks that have different ratings. I like to focus on the 150 level. I draw an imaginary line while thinking 150. When we start to shoot to the upside, I start to look for long side trades. When we are at 150 and going down, I look to the short side. I have shown this off and on in previous videos.

Netflix and Amazon were climbing and climbing. We launched some great buy signals on the Trader Rescue Package. That is both for day and swing trader alike. We had a wonderful run to the upside on Amazon. We fired off a buy signal coming off a sell signal. It was even the same on Goldman Sachs. The numbers were taking off on the Wealth Strength Index I just showed you. That could mean that there is longevity there.

I told you all that so goes Goldman Sachs so goes the markets. Goldman is pushing above the all-important channel. That led to a really nice run to the upside between the last two days. That came up and helped us a lot because we are trying to get above the channels on all four Stock Indices. I want to hold them as support too. That is the key thing that I’m watching for bigger picture scenarios before I get super aggressive on stocks and options plays to the upside.

I like to come back and check each day. I also check throughout the day to read some of the market articles too. You can see that Netflix pulled back significantly on the WSI. We have been consolidating. We are still above the 150 level though. We have a distribution bar up there. I would like to see us break above that area and allow those numbers to climb again. That could potentially create some long side opportunities.

Netflix just announced that they are going to be raising the rates. I am personally seeing a lot of good shows on Netflix these days. That is one great way to use the WSI tool on

We also have the Wealth365 Summit coming up soon. I will be speaking a couple different times. On Friday morning, I will be doing a special multi hour event. On Monday I will also be speaking with Metastock. It all starts off with the Godfather of technical analysis Ralph Acampora. Ziad Jasani was voted one of the most excited presentations from our past show. He will be diving in and doing that again. Investor Business Daily will be showing their Leaderboard list of leading growth stocks.

Whether you are a day or swing trader, there will be a lot for you to see. You do not want to miss this show. You can go to and get registered right now!

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