Rob Hoffman’s Final Day And Swing Trading Strategy Update Before The Big Wealth365 Summit

Welcome back everyone! This will be the last video before the Wealth365 Summit. That will be all next week. I will be giving updates throughout the week at different events that I will be speaking at then. There will be around 70 speakers giving you updates on their favorite stocks, options, futures, and forex strategies. We will be heavily focusing on that. I have a list in my nightly email of a bunch of fun ones that you really should see. You really should see as many of these presentations that you can though.

We are going to be talking about the swing and day trading perspectives. Everything I have been saying has been coming full circle once again here. I have been saying for a couple weeks that we do not want to be focusing on the shorts as we are pushing up this time. I gave you a lot of those reasons why. If you haven’t been keeping up on that, make sure you go back and watch them.

Taking the short-term retracement trades was not the right avenue. Focusing on the long side trades was actually right. That was the high-level look at the markets.

You noticed that I mentioned that Goldman Sachs had pushed through the channel. Think about how hard Goldman Sachs went down before. It dropped over 50 dollars to the downside. It then fired off the Trader Rescue Package buy signals around the 165 level. We are now back above the 200-dollar level. That is about a 35 to 37 dollar gain there. I have also said that it was very positive that the accumulation bar locked in. It looks like it was making another one there today.

I always say so goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the markets. Goldman Sachs is propelling again now. The markets are pulling ahead right with it.

This is where it gets really important. I shared the WSI tool in last night’s video. You all have access to it for free. It involves some of my programming in it. We had a sell signal on Netflix. It ended up going down. It then had a buy signal and it pushed up nicely. It broke through target 1 and pushed through target 2.

I mentioned in last night’s video that Netflix all of a sudden went from a 300 to a 178. Think of the 150 number as the middle line. If we are pushing towards the 180 or 200 level and above, those could be buys. If we push down through the 100 level and lower, I will be looking to the short side. Netflix was rising and climbing. That made some very good buy signals on Netflix. That resulted in a wonderful move to the upside. I warned you all in last night’s video that this is where you would want to possibly back off. When it goes from 300 to around the 178 area, it ended up opening up. It gave a close chance to get out around yesterday’s price. It then ended up died a horrible death.

You can go to to check out the free WSI tool. This bullish meter has been going up there for quite a while. We also saw the individual stocks that I have been pointing out to you in the nightly videos as well. It gives you about 100 stocks to look at for free. That is plenty for a brand-new person. If you want to get more serious about it, you can become a VIP Member. That will get you access to several different markets too. There are lots of things to check out on this website. There are so many exclusive financial articles that you can’t find anywhere else. Make sure you keep an eye out for those.

I said yesterday that I was going to back off because of the drop on the WSI. There of course was another chance to get out on the Trader Rescue Package. You can check it out at

I told you that I wasn’t to focus on shorting pull backs or retracements. I am going to look for long side trades in the uptrend. It’s important to watch when you break through target two. Those usually lead to opportunities that lead to continuations and runaway markets. That happened a couple times recently in the markets. We really broke out to the upside during the U.S. session. Short side wasn’t the right side from my perspective.

The Wealth365 Summit is right around the corner! I’ll be doing multiple talks at the next summit. You can find talks from Investor Business Daily and Forbes. There are so many great people who will be talking. Make sure you check out the whole schedule. You can sign up by going to!

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