Rob Hoffman’s Key Market Levels That We’re About To Hit

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at several things you need to know going into the next few days.

We are approaching some key long-term resistance levels on major markets. The NASDAQ is about to hit long term resistance. The RUSSELL just smacked into the long-term resistance. The S&P almost hit that resistance as well. The DOW has gotten through those areas. That is encouraging, but not as encouraging as the other three going along with it.

We are now approaching the next major resistance levels. This is where a failure could take place. If we can break through it, it could lead to some incredible rallies.

Netflix rallied today again. It was even higher at one point today. I still want to break above the previous recent highs on Goldman Sachs before I get too excited. That could be a multi-signal buy. I would also try to find the long side on other stocks too. The Trader Rescue Package was firing off long side trades on all three of those. We hit target one and then target two. That could lead to even bigger moves here.

You can go to and look at the WSI tool. This is a list of rankings for different stocks. It will show you stocks that are powering ahead based on different tools and strategies. I even helped contribute to that. There are a lot of buried stocks. CTAS was one of those. You can see that was pushing up and trending up. It sure continues to rally. Make sure you check out to see that tool!

How do we handle this all from an intraday perspective? I am looking for trends and buy signals. When you break above the sell signals, it can create fresh buy signals. You can get above those highs and it can relate to fresh buy signals. It all starts with the down approach. The daily chart looked like a good long. If you were at the Wealth365 Summit, I shared with you the inventory retracement bar breakout strategy. You can see numerous of those there. There were lots of great opportunities as well.

There are a couple helpful tips tonight using some free tools and combining them with tools like my Trader Rescue Package. If we can really clear those areas, that can lead to some big skies ahead. There are some very big ranges ahead on all of the charts. Look how far the RUSSELL has for opportunities.

You guys have a great night!

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