Rob Hoffman’s Key Resistance Held And The Market Failed At Them, For Now

Welcome back everyone! This is a great follow up video to Tuesday’s video. The market did fail at those levels that I warned you about. It’s important to know the levels in advance. That is exactly why I warned you about them. Wednesday we stalled out and there wasn’t a need for an update video. Today we actually failed those levels. These levels have proven what I told you in advance.

I am talking about the 2744 on the S&P, the 1525 area on the RUSSELL, the 25400 level on the DOW, and the 7057 area on the NASDAQ. Make sure you know these different levels. The market stalled out at these level yesterday, and we started to roll back away. That leads us to a couple points on a swing trading basis.

I said to watch Goldman Sachs. The last known indication was that we had sell signals. We mentioned about how we would need to watch these levels anyway. I wanted to get above those levels before we did any trades. We locked in sells instead. It has just pulled back several dollars. It is really important to see how all these things come together.

Once we failed those levels, we were very high in the resistance area. We ended up rolling over and firing off sell signals. We had a very nice trend around the 9:30/10:30 time frame. There were many different types of sell signals. The Inventory Retracement bars showed up. If you were at the Wealth365 Summit you would know about those. When we get down below a buy signal in a down trend, that becomes a fresh sell. It broke down below the target 2. When that happens it could lead to runaways.

Now, let’s bring it back to the end market. You really want thee markets to get above those levels. They have proven to be massive resistance. We will talk more about this in the videos to come! Take care everyone!

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