Rob Hoffman’s Latest Day And Swing Trading Strategy Update Since The Big Wealth365 Summit

Welcome back! I hope you are fully recovered from the Wealth365 Summit. I tried to give you a week to decompress from all the information you were given. Now, let’s get back to business and follow up on what was said leading up to the summit and what’s happened since the summit and key stocks that we’re looking at going forward.

First of all, the big thing we were looking for leading up the summit (make sure you check those past videos by going to, the big thing we were watching for is to break through these channels and we finally did it. We pushed above the channels, pulled back and took back off. I told you we only want to focus on longside both on an intraday and swing trading basis. Boy was that the right thing to do. As we take a look, the longside has been the right side even with these longterm resistance levels that the market’s been facing. We still have some above us on the S&P and the Russell. The Dax and the European side has been struggling over here. We’ll see if the Dax can get above that resistance but the US Markets pushed through those levels, pulled back and took back off.

It means on an intraday basis, it means we’re looking for longside trades. You’ll notice with the TRP, everything was firing off on all cylinders. We’re hitting target 1 and target 2. This one hit target 1 and got 50% to target 2. Everything was solid across the board. Those who were at the Wealth365 Summit I showed some strategies that you could use. I showed you where you could look for re-entry opportunities breaking above those for fresh additional trades.

On a swing trade basis, longside trades are what we’re looking for. Goldman Sachs you’ll recall was in this downtrend all the way across the board. We had sell signals and then we got very over sold. It bounced off and pushed us off. It hit target 1 and target 2. If we’re above target 2, it could bode well for continuations. It’s a great swing trade idea that we’ve been focusing on in the coming days. We have two buy signals that are taking place. If we get above this area I drew for you. It’s a sell signal that will be broken above and this very clear repeated recent high here and so if you look at that area, you’re looking at right around the 20330 area. If we could break above the 20330 area, that could lead to some professional buying to the upside, especially if the overall market continues to push up. Goldman Sachs is definitely one to watch if we can get back above the 20330 level. We’ll be watching that very closely. When we start seeing this bullishness, so goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the market. What I really want to see is for us to break above that level so when sells in an uptrend are broken above, those can be fresh buy signals. What I want to focus on is to find a fresh buy opportunity to go long above that level and that was also an IRB that I taught you in the Wealth365 Summit. That led to one heck of a rally for the next hour. So, on an intraday basis and end of day basis these strategies can be used.

NFLX went ahead and fired off on target 1 and target 2 and pulled back so that boded very well. Now, same thing here. What did I tell you? A sell signal in an uptrend is actually a fresh opportunity to buy. We broke above there and a handful of days later, we’re much higher with fresh buy signals. NFLX did all the right things at the right times. Goldman Sachs has the potential to do the right kind of thing and that can lead to further upside there.

Another way to find things like NFLX, if you go to, we have the Wealth Strength Index rankings. When we start seeing things going from the 150 area and climbing to the 230/240 area, those can lead us to some good opportunities to find trades like this that can really take off to the upside. Use all those free tools to your advantage. Go to and see the free daily videos. Go to and get the Wealth Strength Index and that will give you access to roughly 100 different stocks. If you’re a VIP member, you’ll get way more. Also stay tuned to the nightly videos.

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