Here Are Rob Hoffman’s Videos From Today And The Week That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Welcome back! I’ve got a lot to share with you. If you missed any of the videos from earlier this week, we’ve included the links in this email as well so you can catch up. I shared a lot of great information both end of day and intraday basis so whether you’re a day trader or swing trader, you’re going to want to see that.

Starting off with swing trading, we’re still in those all important areas. WE’re still struggling. The Russell is the strongest of the bunch but the rest of them are still struggling in and below the bottom ends of the channels. The Russell is trying to make some support on this but until the other ones come along for the ride, this is only moderately interesting with what’s happening with the Russell. We’ll be watching the other three indices as we go into next week.

Let’s look at the daily charts. With Goldman Sachs, I want you to understand that we’re having the same issue with the same channel. Remember when I said “So goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the market” and I’ve proven that the last several months. Thursday we had a distribution bar, today we had an accumulation bar and earlier in the week we had a few accumulation bars. We have a mini kill zone bopping back and forth. Goldman Sachs has to get back above this 183 area, pull back to show that 183 area is now support and start to take back off. That would be very powerful to see to get those overall markets above those channels.

I’m pretty keen on Netlfix these days for a host of reasons. We have a positive divergence taking place. I had a recent buy signal with my Trader Rescue tools. We got back above that channel. I gave you a free tool that you can use on In addition to the exclusive articles that you can read and can’t find anywhere else, there’s also this really powerful tool that I helped program called the Wealth Strength Index. You’ll recall that we’re looking at stocks that are around the 150 level like AAPL is right now and look to see if they start climbing out of that area. If they’re at the 150 level to see if they push down to the 100 area. Netflix started to climb and combined with the positive divergence and being above the channel, led to this phenomenal run. I’ve been pretty fond of it’s actual programming myself if you’ve been watching these videos.

We’re still in this channel for several days now. You can look at these key indices here. We’re talking five days we’ve been in this channel on some of these instruments. This market is really coiling up waiting for a big break up/ break down. What I encourage you to do tonight is go back and read a bunch of these exclusive articles. If you haven’t already taken advantage of the Wealth365 Summit, that comes up a week from Monday. I’ll be on there along with a lot of great individuals like Ralph Acampora and so many other great others that you won’t want to miss. Also, make sure you go to so that you can get yourself signed up for this summit. You’re not going to want to miss it. There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Some people are giving away access to things like Investors Business Daily. It’s our biggest and best ever. Go to

I’ll look forward to seeing you at that very special event and make sure you watch those other special videos I shot for you earlier in the week. I gave a lot of great swing trading and day trading information. I’ll see you in the upcoming videos and the Wealth365 Summit. Have a great weekend!

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