Rob Gives More Information On The Impending Stock Market Move

Okay gang welcome back well listen first of all thanks for all the great feedback you gave me on last night video lets go ahead and based on questions and comments and ideas that I had got I can tell that we want to continue to give more information to help has many traders swing traders and even investors as much information as possible.

First thing is first what we have here again as a reminder we have the Russell 2000 what happened is it is challenging previous highs going back to about a year ago. This all stems from for all that have been following since last year and specifically and you can go back in my archives of videos for your personal records. We talked about this here where we are making a higher high in price but my indicators are making a lower low and that is what we call a divergence. You don’t see that on this indicator of mine the core trigger very often the last year before we were making higher highs in prices as well as a higher highs in indicators. So when we saw the reversal that is a big deal that lead to a couple months of a down trend so we try to retest those highs. Where the price made an equal too high. The indicators made a lower high. So here we are now why this is so important a year later back to our old trick again. Where we are making a higher high again but we are making lower lows. Again the negative divergence and positive have a high success rate of following through. So that means one of two things 1. This market will roll back over and have a significant reversal especially after this long term consolidation pattern that will likely lead to a very nice drop again. And we will look to short the heck out of it. What might happen this time is it could be different. And if it is different that could lead an incredible rally to the upside. Which it should be comparable to roughly the distance of the 2003 rally up as we should see a comparable rally back here to the upside after this long term consolidation. That is why it is important instead of taking big bets right here and I think the reason we are seeing the market as a whole. As you have noticed many of you and unfortunately getting yourself chopped up on an intraday basis. Fortunately I have been doing the best as I can to help you guys realize that and things have been going well in my trading here in 2015 and we will continue to focus on doing that so what I am doing to indicate to you. Kind of stepping back here for a moment we are not trying to get top tick or bottom tick if you are then usually you are getting into a lot of stop loss scenarios we are waiting for this market to kind of prove itself is it going to start process of rolling back over here and get below the speed lines so we can look for shorting. Or is it going to go ahead and go above this area that I have drawn for you have a pull back and start to take off again so there are two scenarios that we are looking for to really get heavy. In the mean time I will just look for day trades there and I have been doing great swing trades and for all of you who have got my swing trading video yesterday take a look at just how fantastic those swing trades preformed today so all of you who receive my videos go ahead and look how well those worked out today. With that being said in the mean time for those who are not in positions and not looking to be in to volatility of situations you are looking for one to two things you are looking for the market to   break out a little further pull back hold this support and take back off or you are looking to get below these daily speed lines looking for continuation below these lows.

With the Dow it is kind of the same story here. In fact this is a weekly chart of the DOW you will notice here let’s draw some lines we are making an equal high in price but we have been making higher highs in general. But we are making lower lows in indication typically we would be looking for a rollover here what we have to do is get above this 18100 area and pullback a little bit hold that 18000 area and take back off and show us that is support and 20000 and above is very likely but if it does not hold this below the speed lines and we are likely to have moves down to the 1700 area and could have much lower lows as this long term support fails.

The key is here I have everyone on alert as I have on many market moves before we are kind of looking in the bigger picture here looking at swing trades and mostly for investors here really taking a look at this and asking ourselves which way does it start to break out or does it start to break out or go ahead and roll back over and the same thing with the S&P similar situation on the chart here we have made higher highs in prices here and continue to make lower lows. We are due for retracement or break above this 2100 pull back towards it and take off from 2100 again so now is not the time to be placing big bets until we get a clearer vision of breakdown or breaking out. I wanted to alert people about that and in the meantime follow my newsletters giving great info on those. You guys have a fantastic night and I am looking forward to seeing you guys in the live trading room tomorrow or in tomorrow night’s videos here. Bye, bye everyone!

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