Rob Did It Again In This Market, And So Can You

Welcome back! What a nice way to end the week. Let’s take a look at a couple of things we talked about and they all came true. Let’s have some fun with it and see how you can benefit from it as well.

We were looking for the Euro to break down below my inventory retracement bar and momentum shift breakout bar. We are actually going to talk about momentum shift breakout bars on Tuesday during our special event with Davide. You’re not going to want to miss that. Sure enough, we had a nice follow through just like we were looking for. It came right down to the next target, and so now we’re going to be looking to see if we can get further downside to come. It was nice that we hit the target. We told you the areas to watch in the backdrop over here just above the 108. We were looking for a move down to the 107 and we got that.

Crude oil continues to disappoint the longs. We had another down day here today and so following through to that downside here today as well.

Gold went ahead and had another nice continuation to the downside. We talked to you about that one as well. We were looking to get below some of the previous inventory retracement bars and momentum shift breakdown bars. We did that. We told you about the 1100 level on gold. Look what happened. We had a nice drop after we got to that 1100 level.

We talked to you about the bonds as well. We told you what we were looking for. Support after support is being broken. We told you about this support and we were looking for a move to this one. Really exciting. Nice follow throughs.

We had the U.S. Stock Index Futures. There was a nice situation here as well. The Russell was the leader. We watched it push down this morning, but it couldn’t push through yesterday’s inventory retracement bar. It turned right back up and turned through the U.S. open, and off she went to the off side pulling the other markets back up to the speed lines right along with it. The interesting part is, the actual trades in the trading room this morning were nice shortside trades. I made some good money in the trading room this morning and those were shortside trades, because early on we had a nice spike up to the VIX and a nice drop down here and that’s originally what I was looking for was a drop down below the speed lines on these stock index futures. When we got those, it was fire away with the shorts. Then the market turned around later in the day, and it was longside from there.

You need to be here this upcoming Tuesday with myself and Davide Biocchi. He’s a real live multi-time international trading champion. He won an incredible number of championships around the world and there are so many people that just can’t trade in this business. They teach and they write books, but they can’t trade. This guy is one of the best traders in the world. I’ve gone head-to-head against him a few times, and it’s a blood bath. He’s truly one of the best in the world and you have the opportunity to spend this coming Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. Go to to register. You’re not going to want to miss this. Learn techniques from him and myself that will set you on a better path with your trading going forward. That’s whether you’re a stock trader or futures or options trader. As you’ll see for yourself, because of the way he uniquely uses volume and other institutional level techniques, it’s really a fantastic opportunity across the board. Again, I’ve seen first-hand the results of the power of his work and you guys have seen the power of my work. It hasn’t been done before with two real live trading champions. Some of the best of the world coming together. This is the event of the year from my perspective and you’ll see why when we get together. Have a wonderful night and we will see you this coming Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET and in Monday night’s videos.

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