Rob Nailed Six Trades In The Trading Room This Morning. A Market On Fire!

Welcome back everyone. Congratulations to all of you that joined my live trading room over the last couple of days where I made that really special offer with that performance guarantee by me on my end. That has been working out real well. I did 6 trades in the live trading room right in front of people this morning. The reduced noise environment that we made here. Keep focus on the bar by bar analysis and just look for the next trade. Of course there were lots of trades this morning. Lots of different opportunities with the different strategies, and the market was that gift that kept on giving for opportunities. Weather it was speed line continuation trades, momentum shift break down, inventory retracement bars, and gotcha bars, stochastic spike trades, there were plenty of those.  All these different things coming together this morning. It all started with if you recall what we were looking for here, was things such as the VIX. We wanted the VIX to get up to 1450. If you recall from last night’s video, go back and watch it that was the strategy. Watch to see if the VIX gets above 1450, ideally we wanted to get above 15. As we were above 1450 driving towards 15 that lead for phenomenal opportunities going down here. Then the market after 11 o’clock kind of toned down here going into the early afternoon. Then we spiked up again on the VIX this afternoon driving the market down with that spike up on the VIX.

The strategy we laid forth for you last night worked really great. The thing is you don’t have to be trading the Russel for instance.  This is a great example from today, one of my students who have been with me for 6 weeks. Peter sent me this today and was showing how he basically took several of my stochastic spike trades, cause he likes those, they are easy for him to understand. He added about $360 gross profit this morning. He says it was $325 after commissions. Bottom line is what he did was when I was looking at the trade on the Russel, he went ahead and was looking at the trade on the NASDAQ. I try to tell people that, when you are trading the stock index futures. As long as the markets are correlated, you can really utilize that. If I am looking at the NASDAQ that particular day and the DOW happens to be doing the same thing and they are still correlated and you look at the 2 min chart and see how the prices are doing in correlation. It could really work out very well. That is certainly a strategy that I use. We were looking at the correlations this morning to pay close attention to trades.  A phenomenal day, a phenomenal session, 6 trades there all firing off in front of people. Right up to the close, we had 5 done, we were starting to say our good byes and then all the sudden it was like wait, wait, wait, and there is another one gang, don’t leave and I followed that through to the end of the session.

As far as going into tomorrow now. As you can imagine I am basically going to holding the same strategy here. As long as we stay above the 15 level I am going to continue to look for sell side trades here in the market. Right now we are hovering right about at that magic 15 level. I would love to see us open up tomorrow and plow to the upside on the VIX, driving this market down. These markets have lots of room to grow to the down side here. I would love to see them take advantage of that. I have been telling you if you have been following along with the videos. That we have all of this negative divergence, in fact we even talked about this on the NASDAQ. Let’s just pull up the Russel for instance. We have these divergences forming here, we have been making the higher highs and everything. Yet we are making the lower highs on the indications. Very clear negative divergences. They are coming home to roost now. We are doing everything we can do reap the benefits here. Including the 6 trades I did with the students this morning. Great stuff here as long as the VIX stays above 15 and starts pushing up tomorrow. I am going to be looking for all those cast of characters all of those different trades of mine that you guys know and love. All of the continuation trades in particular and the go with trades. Love to see this accelerate to the down side here. Especially with the Russel on the edge of the abyss. That is going to be our focus.

Don’t forget nest week we have the FOMC, the week after we have the election. What a great time to go ahead and focus on doing as good as we can. On the trading side go home flat and sleep like a baby come back and rise, cycle and repeat. That is my strategy for right now. If you guys did not for some reason take advantage of that offer. It is about to come to an end here at the end of the week. I don’t know what you are waiting for but go to . Between this and the guarantee on how I am going to trade or you get the extra time for free. It just seems like a great opportunity to put my money where my mouth is, and I sure have been doing that in the trading room throughout the week here. Banged out 6 more trades in the live trading room alone this morning. Great stuff. Go to you can read all the things you get as well as my trade guarantee on myself. That offer is about to come to an end. Now is the time to do it. We are going to look to close out the week strong. Looking forward to have you there with us.

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