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Welcome back, gang! Let’s go ahead and look at a whole bunch of things. First of all, you can see as I said before this 27,000 level was still not support. Here we are now back under 27,000, so we dead on nailed it right there. With the warnings I gave you previously if you look at any number of the countless videos, I have done leading up to this you can see all that great analysis I gave you and why it is so important.
Then we combine that with important indications that we a are getting with the higher highs in price and the lower highs in indications, and then you combine that with a rate cut. If you look at it reasonably, if we haven’t done a rate cut in ten years, why all of the sudden would we be having lower rates now? What does that tell you about where we are? Are we getting close to the top and we need to give it a little stimulus and little boost, a kick in the teeth to get moving?
Clearly, there are a lot of people that are thinking that that is a warnings sign. Technically we were ready to pull back here. Because the underlying indicator which I have shared with you many times before, If you can recall the lead up from the September and October time frame I showed you those big divergences that took place before the markets had massive pullbacks back over there.
So, Let’s take a look at some of those. If you look right here we had the higher highs in price and the lower highs over here. We talked about these divergences multiple times leading up there as well. Here we are back at it having more of those divergences. They typically resolve themselves 85% of the time in direction of the indication. It has a high probability of success.
Speaking of which we will talk about that tomorrow morning more in class. So as far as that concerned. So, in the end, we went ahead and had sell signal firing off here for the FOMC announcement and that just exacerbated it. We initially went down to target two, pullback, broke through, and of course when you break through target two it can lead to those wild runs and that’s exactly what ended up happening there post news.
Before that this morning there was a lot of great opportunities, back and forth and back and forth. WE are going to talk about some of the traditional strategies that will share with you. I am going to share one tomorrow morning that I don’t want to talk about it publicly. I do it all the time in my live trading room and don’t talk about it publicly so much. So, I said you know what let’s go ahead and share that tomorrow as well. FISV we talked about that one the other day again after past conversations about it. It continues to rip and roar ahead there. It has been up since I mentioned it the other day so there is a lot of great stuff to share.
To give you live updates while we are here together tomorrow morning. I want you to go to www.Becomeabettertrader.com/go. Get over there now. If you aren’t registered for tomorrow morning make sure you get registered right now. You’re not going to want to miss that. Between the stuff, I don’t normally share that I will be sharing tomorrow morning. With the accuracy I have had with this market I think it would be a great time to step away from the nightly videos and look at the markets intra-day tomorrow, Teach you strategies, review the morning’s activity, lot of great stuff. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/go and I will look forward to seeing you guys at Noon eastern, 11:00 central 9:00 pacific. You do not want to miss that class. Have a great night, take care, and see you tomorrow morning. To learn more about Rob Hoffman Trader, visit www.becomeabettertrader.com.

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