Rob Just Got Nervous About The Market Direction, Here’s Why

Boy, where do I start tonight. We’ll just hit a couple of key points because you can join me tomorrow morning for a live trading event. I’m a little nervous about this market truth be told. While I was Mr. Bull and have been very happy because of the President’s plans and the economy’s perceptions of the President’s plans, the reality is that a lot of places that aren’t friendly to the President have become very bullish on the market. 21000 we didn’t hear much. 22000 we didn’t hear much. 23000 and we’re hearing a bunch. Take a look at Goldman Sachs. The world’s economy is exceeding most predictions. Going into 2018, they see amplifying in 2018. That may be the case but when I see something like this, that normally shows us that we’re in for a very big speed bump in the meantime. When someone tells you that they were wrong and it’s a good time to buy, that gets me real nervous. We saw that happen in the late 90s with the tech bubble. Now I feel like we’re seeing it again.

We also had this from CNN, which is another organization that is well known for not getting along with its President. It was something that was noticeably missing from the mainstream media for a while. CNBC reported that the Nasdaq chart looks “amazing” with no top in sight. A lot of the organizations that are reporting this normally don’t because it can be seen as promoting the President’s agenda. We’re also seeing some signs of distribution and some divergences. These things combined are showing us higher highs in price but lower highs in indications. I’ve shown this to you before and it usually leads to some short-term corrections if not larger corrections. This totality of seeing these negative divergences and seeing places that can’t go without talking about the market anymore, gets me a little bit concerned.

We’ll talk about this more in the morning as well as different strategies that I shared with you last week. We’re going to show different types of trading strategies with live real money so you’re not going to want to miss that. Don’t forget to join us at that live trading event. Go to to talk about these things and any of your concerns. We’re going to try to ride this bull as long as we can but be prepared for more significant pullbacks.

Have a great night! We’ll see you in the morning.

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