Rob Is Going To Keep Using This Very Profitable Trading Strategy This Week

Welcome back, everyone! Let’s get right into it this evening. First things first, this whole strategy I’ve played out for you with the VIX, well, you can see we opened up above 15 and stayed above 15 today. Guess what I was doing in the live trading room this morning? Short. Guess what happened after I shorted? That’s right, made money. This strategy was phenomenal once again. It’s not just me who’s using this. Great students like John H. You’ll be hearing more from him in some upcoming events. He grossed $1,080 using some of these strategies. Colorado John did just fine with a modest $330 today. These guys like to have this daily trading competition between each other. It’s great to see. We’re talking real money, real results. A lot of this is all premised, too, in what we’re looking at with the VIX strategy. Certainly that’s what I was focusing on directly this morning with my live trading. The VIX opened up above 15 and stayed above 15. It couldn’t really get back below to make some real long side trade. We were focusing on trend continuation trades and particularly off of some higher time frames. As we rallied up into key resistance levels, we executed shorts. That was pretty much the high of the day. Taking what we’ve been showing you in these videos. It’s working phenomenally.

Ever since we had that distribution bar the other day (Hoffman IRB), we’ve been staying down below as you can see. No excellent trade here or continuation here for the Euro. Actually, now we have IRBs on the top side and the bottom side. Looking for breakouts for shorts and breakdowns for longs.

For gold, right now we’re still in the channel. I told people there’s just no trade here. The European session took most of it out. No real trade here. I really want to get out of the channel and break to the downside or upside before making another play in gold.

Crude oil has got my interest piqued but no execution yet. I really want to break down below some of these key supports. We have lots of resistance up above. If we can get back below 34, we’ll die a horrible death. I want to keep our workers employed in the oil industry. From a pure trading perspective, that’s what puts money in my pocket. I’d like to see us get down below and that’s the path of least resistance. It would take a lot of work to get me excited about the longs.

The NASDAQ doesn’t look too pretty right now. It’s coming up to the bottom side of its support. It better have a good day tomorrow and bounce back into the channel otherwise that can lead to some pretty hefty selling on the European side. I’ll be all over that to be sure.

Bonds actually had a good day starting out this morning and ended strong. I told people in the room this morning, as far as I’m concerned on an intraday and end of day basis, bonds are in good shapes. They ended up closing into some of my IRBs. We’re just shy of some major resistance. We have IRBs on top of IRBs on top of IRBs. With that being said, I want to tighten up any stops going into tomorrow because we can smack into some key resistance there.

For the stock indices as a whole, it’s all about the VIX. That’s where the money was made. Going into tomorrow, it won’t be a whole lot different from my perspective. If that DAX gets going to the downside on that European session, that could put pressure on us on the US session. We’ve got some key areas where we need to see some short-term oversold conditions. We’re going to be focused on that in tomorrow’s session. If it doesn’t bounce or bounce pretty quickly, that can lead to a very healthy sell off, which I’ll be jumping on pretty quickly.

If you watch my Swing trading video, TSLA is doing phenomenal since I posted a video on there. AAPL broke above my IRB and that led to a fantastic move. We had multiple IRBs back-to-back on the same day. We pulled back into speed lines for speed line continuation trades. It topped out into the falling long-term resistance. We told you about that. We have this distribution bar and that’s the new level to beat. We have to break through that long-term resistance to get AAPL going. That can push us toward 120 or 130. No fresh break on the IRB so that held us down today. Interestingly enough, it created another IRB. You can see how this concept has continued to work time and time again. It was written about in five different languages in trading magazines by me. It’s fantastic stuff.

Keep an eye on TSLA and AAPL and some of these key market indices that I mentioned. We have some great trading and in the meantime, students keep up the great work. Guests, keep learning from us each and every day. Looking forward to seeing you in the live trading room tomorrow. We have six-time international trading champion Davide Biocchi joining us in the room. In fact, I’m picking him up from the airport as soon as I’m done with this video. I’m looking forward to him being in the live trading room with you guys. Have a wonderful evening!

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