Rob Reviews JPM And Key Markets To Watch

Welcome back! What an exciting end to the week. If you are part of my nightly newsletter service, you know that I issued a trade alert this morning, which was more of what we were operating on in the Live Trading Room this morning. It was the right thing to do in multiple instruments. All day, we’ve been focusing since this morning and the trade alert that was done late morning as well. The key was focusing on the Russell in relation to the other markets. The Nasdaq is, has been, was and still is the strongest of the bunch. The key was to see if we could get the other markets to come along. The S&P started coming along early on but the Russell and the Dow were really lagging in this process. You will see the Russell did come along and so I told people in my trade alert this morning that I wanted to break above the 1538 for fresh long-side opportunities in the Nasdaq. That was a phenomenal decision. The market closed right at the highs of the session.

So, now, here’s what we want going into next week. The Nasdaq is trying to break back above these all-important distribution bars. We have three days of distribution bars on several of these time frames. I really want to see the Dow and the Russell to step it up a little more and start getting through the highs of those bars. I’d like to see the VIX start to drop a little more. I’m still going to be focusing primarily on long-side trades on Nasdaq and Nasdaq stocks. That’s the right way to go from my perspective if these markets will continue to come along.

We’ll also be looking toward JP Morgan, which is also suffering from a distribution bar. You’ll see we’re dead on that distribution. These inventory retracement bars are really institutional inventory. It’s when one or more institutions not only stops the market from going up, it drives it back down to certain percentages. They are just so powerful because they’re proven. It’s not what people are saying on the financial news channels. It’s what they’re doing with their real money that’s important. What we’re looking to see is can we get through that resistance in the 11750 area on JP Morgan. Push through it and show it’s support and not resistance anymore, which it currently still is. I’m going to want to see that in conjunction with these other markets. I’ve also put another exclusive video up on with four very popular stocks that are poised for breakouts. Check out that video again at There’s a whole bunch of other great videos as well.

We’ll look forward to seeing you in the videos early next week and having an incredible rest of 2018. Take care everyone!

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