Rob Showed It, Explained It And It Happened Once Again In The Stock Index Futures Today

Okay gang, welcome back! Great stuff today, a lot of great adventures and experience for people that joined us this morning. Not only did they get to watch what I traded but what I didn’t trade, and the reasons of why. A lot of things came together this morning that people got to learn from about the $VIX, Euro, Gold, Crude Oil & Stock Index Futures. Let’s just hit a couple of highlights here.

Some Key Instruments

First off with the $VIX, I spent a lot of time this morning showing and discussing the issues about trading strategies. Showed some video clips too of certain types of trades I like to do in the higher trading environment. How I managed the risk a little bit differently like I did today on the trading I did in the Live Trading Room. There was a good lesson from a $VIX perspective even though it was at a higher level for the guest students that came today.

For the Euro, I’ve been telling you guys in the Nightly Videos here I’m looking to break down below the 1.35 80 to get serious about shorting. We got right down to that level today and then we bounced right back off that level quite hard. It was great for people to see almost to the tick how we got to that level there and why it was so important. Now people understand why it is so important to want to break that. It’s all a part of this big fat accumulation bar here in the backdrop. That’s why I said ultimately I’m going to be much more excited about shorting below the 1.34 80 but I will entertain shorts below the 1.35 80 in the short term but we’ve got to get down below that. So, it’s great for people to see that.

Check out Gold, great stuff! I’ve talked to you guys here in the Nightly Videos about these long term levels. You guys got to watch just how I came right up by those levels today, just couldn’t break through it. Here we are once again right around the 1317.8 level about 22 ticks off that 1320 level that I’ve been talking to you about. Once again, you got to see that in action. Still building up pressure now for five days right along that level.

As we go ahead and take a look at the Crude Oil, it also went ahead and hit some key support that we talked about in the morning. We have to watch out for the people that were excited for looking for shorts you have to watch out for that area. You see that as we closed up the day we ended up above that area a well. Got down enough to get past that level just a little bit to make people think, “Oh! Maybe it broke down? Maybe it’s going to be a big short?” Only to go ahead and stop them out and push right back above that level.

The Stock Index Futures And How They Performed Today

As we look at the Stock Index Futures we can go ahead and take a look at this… Basically the key thing here is the NASDAQ was strong all day but just could not go ahead and muster up enough energy. What we were really looking for in the NASDAQ was to see if it would roll over because the other Stock Index Futures were down below their speed lines much of the day. We wanted to see if we could stay down there. Instead, now going into this, this is good because this will probably make for some really great trading tomorrow morning so all the students that joined us that should make for a nice first day tomorrow.

We stopped out here into the speed lines on the S&P the Russell and the DOW. We’re above the speed lines actually on the NASDAQ so we’re looking to see going into tomorrow morning, does all of this open up and start rolling hard right back through the speed lines? Or, do we actually start to pound to the upside here? That’s going to be great stuff. I’ll be looking for trades like that because I’d like to see a nice repeat of what we had Tuesday where we initially had some whipsaws back and forth and then after the 9 o’clock hour the thing just tore off straight up. I showed everyone how that worked with the indicators this morning as well.

Great stuff, I like where we’re at because we’re at that indecisive point and so if three of these instruments were kind of equal opportunists going into tomorrow morning’s session, the NASDAQ though is still above the speed lines. If it wants to take off to the upside in the morning great, so be it. Right now, what I want all of you to be aware of is that we’ve had distribution above us two days ago and then yesterday we went ahead and had accumulation down below us. I warned everyone about that that were guests this morning and sure enough we went ahead and stayed pretty well squarely between those lines today.

A lot of great stuff for people to learn, even at a high level, just to visit us for a couple of hours and watch a little bit of trading and go ahead and learn a whole bunch of high level strategies this morning. Hopefully for those of you that didn’t join us, hopefully you will join us this evening. Go to and be a part of something special. We did something we’ve never done before where we include 30 days access to my Professional Pack of Indicators as well as all these goodies down below. Really a fantastic offer that we made for people to help with the frustration, the lack of consistency and the lack of confidence that many of you have with your trading. So I put together a package designed for those specific needs.

Take advantage of that, we look forward to seeing all of you that joined us today in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning as well as our regular student family and for everybody else, you guys have a great night. We look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or we’ll see you in this weekend’s videos. Take care everyone, have a great night and don’t forget the things we said about today and what we’re looking for tomorrow!

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