Rob said it, taught it, and then it happened… Again

Well, welcome back, everybody! The markets getting ready to close up here in the next 20 minutes and locking in another reverse inventory retracement bar so looking to see if we can get those markets up here above that 315 level and this is really important hopefully every one of you came to my class here Tuesday evening that I did for you guys. Spent about 2 hours and 15 minutes going through different strategies like IRBs, reverse IRBs, stochastic, a whole bunch of other things that you guys can use no matter who you are. Went ahead and show you some great advanced tools as well and if you guys recall what you learned in that class was about the TRP indicator and in the uptrend breaking above the high of that as a fresh entry and that happened here about the $4.05 cent level and now we got up here right around the 4.20 level so nearly a 15 dollar rally since then. You also learned about reverse inventory retracement bars and inventory retracement bars as examples and you had two great entry and reentry opportunities with those as well. All with these wonderful analysis and don’t take my word for it, the last video I did for you here was right before that class that I did for you showing you how we’re looking for long side opportunities above that and guess what happened already since that time. We went ahead and took off and what’s beautiful about that is we went ahead and at the time we had (let me see if I can still pull that up for you) when I was pointing out was we had Adobe firing off there as well with the WealthCharts – WealthFinder. You see it? There is a new trade so I was showing you why that was potentially a great opportunity as well in addition to those wonderful strategies I taught you guys for absolutely free on Tuesday evening. Well, guess what? Here we are now that was Monday here we are now Adobe now it’s been going for four bars broke out above a reverse IRB classic IRB broke out above the TRP program which was the first one that it broke out above and now it’s up nearly $15 as I’m messaging you.

So, here’s your second and final chance now for some time here. We’ve only done this twice in the last six months I’m doing this class one more time on Saturday to celebrate Father’s Day. So, for all of you lovely traders and the lovely lady traders amongst us please feel free to join us you’ll you know hopefully you’ll learn some things that will maybe benefit not only yourself but that lovely husband of yours if you have one and for all you Fathers, let’s make it a great Father’s Day. I’m gonna go ahead and share more strategies with you, answer more of your questions, it’ll probably go a little bit more than two hours 15 minutes because on Saturdays I’m always more chatty trying to answer more of your questions and I did that, of course, you know even here the other night as we were going along answering your questions about the different strategies and setups and everything. So, come join us one more time here Saturday morning at 9 o’clock Central, 10 o’clock Eastern, and this is gonna be for everybody. So, this isn’t just the 23% with like my ITP program, the institutional trader program, but this is for the retail trading public as well as new and small account guys, struggling accounts, so this is a very special class that we’ve only done it twice in the last six months or so but it’s a really great class that everybody should be a part of and I can’t think of a better Father’s Day gift to yourself or, as I said, for the lovely ladies amongst us going ahead and making things better for yourself which will hopefully make it better for your husband to you so it’s kind of an implied voluntarily Father’s Day gift as well. So, great stuff! I can’t wait to have all of you with us this weekend for this special Father’s Day edition on Saturday morning. I had to bring in the kids and have a little fun with it there as well and teach you guys the things that you need to know because you saw what I said in advance the other day ended up going ahead and happening right here. What I taught you the other day in that video. Go back and watch it for yourself! You’ll see it there in WealthFinder on WealthCharts and then it went ahead and broke out about the strategies I taught you the other night and off we went to the races here.

So, there’s no better proof than that now here it is is going up even as I’m talking to you near the highs of the day. So, great stuff! So, gang, go to right now and I will see you Saturday morning for this must-see, can’t miss event. Take care, everyone! Have a great night, happy trading tomorrow – let’s go ahead and close out the week strong! Bye-bye, everybody. English

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