Everything Rob Told You And Taught You Is Happening Right Now

Well good evening gang. I’m speechless. I don’t know where to start. Before I get into the market, let me start with something that really means a lot to me and obviously means a lot to many of you. I have been doing this charity event. This is the second time we have mentioned it this year. It is a yearlong goal that we are hoping to raise money for St. Jude, a worthy cause there. Gang, we are $214 away from our yearly goal. What an incredible, incredible, incredible student family that I have. I’ve always told people when I go to seminars and events and I have educators and traders say “my students are pains in the butts” “my students are this or that.” I tell people, “you know what, I have the world’s greatest students.” I had so many of you come to my 40th birthday party, so many of you at my wedding, as you continue to grow with us later this year we are going to have so many of you on the cruise with us. I just have the world’s greatest students. And this is proof positive, I can show it. Look at all of the wonderful donations people have made here. I want to thank you, thank you, thank you. For all of you that gave, even if it is just to come to tomorrow morning’s event, that’s ok as well. Whatever it takes to get you to donate a little something to St. Jude. What a worthy cause and by donating anything to this web address you are going to get in to this wonderful class tomorrow morning and for all of you that gave 100$ or more, 2 weeks from today I am going to be at one of your doorstep, actually Sunday night the 12th I’m going to be at your doorstep. All day Monday I am going to be with you and looking to make a difference. Before we get into tonight’s analysis let me share with you a note from Tim Erwin, the student who won the last time we did this event and maybe everybody to take a look at that. Here’s what he had to say:

Rob, I wanted to thank you once again for coming out to my house to review my trading and reinforce the trading methodology you teach. When I heard that I had “won Rob Hoffman for the day” as a result of my contribution to St Jude, I was elated and knew things were about to change for me as a trader. As you recall I was a multi-year losing trader prior to you coming out to California and spending the evening and then all of the next day with me. I asked lots of questions to which you were very gracious about answering. You looked at my trading screens and said “Whoa, way too much information to process” and we proceeded to take 11 trading pages of charts down to one! You taught me some very specific methods of trade entry and trailing stop management that have made a huge difference in my profitability. As a result of the time we spent together at my house, I’ve discovered I’m trading less and making money! Need I say more? Thank you so VERY much for all your help.” Tim Erwin.

One of you in less than two weeks is going to have me at your house and I am looking forward to doing everything I can to repeat that success all over again with the next winner for those of you that have donated $100 or more. And you can get 25% off the regular price products and services on my website. It’s a win, win upon a win helping this great organization so again, thank you to all of who put us within $214 of our annual goal. We are looking forward to doing great things for this organization and many more going forward.

As we go into tonight, this is a big thing that you heard me talk about. If you were at my free event last week with Infinity, I warned you this was coming. I mentioned this concept with the retail traders. So many retail traders were talking about how they have been getting chopped up. Even this morning we were talking in the trading room and the stories I was hearing this morning from people calling in to the office and some of them had donated so I took the calls myself and talked to the people who had donated as a thank you. The horror stories of where they were and what they were doing at the different trading schools and how they were just getting chopped to pieces right now. And I tried to explain to them what was happening, just how we talked in last week’s Infinity event how the average retail trader was just getting chopped to pieces right now. And what I said this morning that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and what is going to happen right now is that this market is going to start having some great trading days and what is going to happen is, because traders have gotten so burned, they are not going believe it, they’re not going to take these really great trading days even though. Today it was setup after setup after setup going into the afternoon in particular. I can’t even begin to count the number of great setups. There are so many you can see right here: reverse inventory retracement bars., momentum shift with trends, inventory retracement bar breakout, more inventory retracement bar breakout, momentum shift breakout, momentum shift with trend trade, the gotcha bar trade. It just goes on and on and on.

What I said was that people are not going to believe it because they have gotten so chopped up by the time the market starts moving (and this Greece thing was likely to be an impetus to get things going) by the time it gets going, they are not going to believe it. What happens is that traders get themselves chopped up, and they start watching all of the good trades go by, they miss them. Finally after several weeks of watching these good trades go by and when they are finally ready to dip their toe back in they make a few dollars on the tail end and then the market is ready to get back in to its consolidation again. Then they give back all of that money. So they make a little bit of money when they finally start trading but in the mean time during these chop-fests, they’re losing all of their money. Net and net they are negative in the end and I talk to people about this all of the time. The Infinity event was proof positive that a lot of traders were getting chopped up and they need a different way to trade. And then, this call I got this morning, where the gentleman said I am done trading for now until I get a different methodology and he joined us about an hour ago after our phone call this morning. People are quitting trading in the short term this morning because they are so fed up because they are getting chopped to pieces. But I said to my Live Trading Room this morning specifically that this is likely going to be the impetus for big moves and these retail traders that are getting chopped up and these retail traders are not going to believe it. So, sure enough going into the afternoon, it was just a landslide and numerous trading entry opportunities over and over and over again inventory retracement bar breakout, momentum shift with trend, momentum shift breakout, stochastic spikes, both half spikes and full spikes. You name it, it was happening here. Fast trigger trades and it just kept coming.

So what I am saying is that this is the time to rise up, get out of this funk and get out of this situation where you are getting chopped to pieces and get on board with these moves. Don’t be the trader who waits for the end, weeks from now, to start trading and then gets caught in the chop so in the end you make a few bucks and then just go back to losing. This is where you want to push and there is going to be some great trading ahead. I’m looking forward to having you with me.

As we look to these markets going into tomorrow, a lot of you did those donations, as evidence by the fact that we are only $200 away from our goal so I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. We have some big opportunity ahead. We had that big route going into today so sure, the natural tendency is to have a reaction, especially off of some of these key support areas for some of these charts. But make no mistake, there are going to be some big wide range days back and forth in the coming days and this is going to lead to some fantastic trading.

My story is, now’s the time to have a better methodology. Now is the time to pull the trigger at the right time for the right reasons, even though you have been getting chopped up as many of you told me last Thursday and the gentleman told me this morning who just joined us. Now is the time that you are quitting, but actually this is the natural cycle, people quit and then they miss all of the good stuff and they come back at just the wrong time. They make a few bucks, but it doesn’t outweigh all of the money they lose when they get chopped to pieces. Here we are in that sweet spot. I told you it was going to be a great summer and it’s already happening as setup after setup after setup is starting to take place. Really great stuff. I’m looking forward to trading with you guys. Thanks again to all of you who have made these wonderful donations. If you haven’t done it already, please take the time to do so. Don’t do it for me, do it for a great cause like St. Jude or do it in honor of the children and grandchildren that you love so dearly. Thanks everybody. Have a great night and I can’t wait to see everybody in the Live Trading Room tomorrow or in tomorrow night’s videos.

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