Rob Told You To Watch NASDAQ Stocks! Now He Says Watch Out!

Welcome back everyone! Let’s start by recapping today. If you go to you would see that all the numbers are going up really high. We watched the speedometer continue to climb time and time again. We saw the individual instruments coming off the middle 150 level. It started to push into the low and middle 200s after that. That is a great sign when looking for opportunities. Look how many things are just buried here. Some of these have been like this for quite a while. I have been pointing that out to you recently.

Now we have to look at going back the opposite way. I want to put out a warning. We noticed that over the last couple weeks the number of people visiting the Wealth365 News site has been climbing. Obviously there is a lot of great content there. There is just a bunch of stuff focused on all things wealth.

People didn’t really pay attention early on as I was pointing these things out. The market then started to take off to the moon. Now everyone is starting to pay attention to the Wealth365 News site. They are realizing how much these things have gone up. Usually when you start seeing a whole bunch of retail and institutional participation, it starts getting me more nervous. This makes me cautions of a pull back. I want to sound a small alarm because a lot of things are running at all cylinders.

I am still going to be looking for long side trades. I told you guys that in the last couple videos. As long as we are above the speed lines I will look for longs primarily. The DOW held above the speed lines today. The RUSSELL and S&P did the same thing! I will continue to primarily look for long side trades. The first thing I did this morning was a long side trade. That was the right choice in the end.

I am still looking for long side trades. However, I am going to be a little more selective to watch for pull backs that tie with this. I might get concerned. Once you start getting all the retail traders on it can change. As long as we are above the speed lines I will be looking for long side trades. I might look for some with a little pull back.

The weekly and daily chart with AMZN have been really strong. We can further break it down on an intraday basis. We are basically looking for the same thing. You can see AMZN on an hourly basis. It looks beautiful! I want to look for a little more of a pull back then look for the resumption. I am going to be a little more cautious. I will also be looking for possible re-entries. You can see the same things like in Twitter and such. Sure enough, look at the big gap up today. We are seeing all of this in multiple instruments!

I wanted to share all of that with you guys. I want to show how I will be playing things like Goldman Sachs. They had a small pull back today. That always makes me very nervous. We are usually looking to see the markets and Goldman Sachs working together. I would really like to see Goldman Sachs pushing back up to help with some sustainability. That will be another thing I would like to see to get more warm and fuzzy. Make sure you go to to check out and see all the stuff that I have been saying! A lot of people have really started to watch all this information. You all should understand my process is still looking for long side trades! I am ideally looking for small pull backs first. We had one shortly after the 9 o clock hour. Those are the kind of strategies I am looking for right now!

I am going to be sharing my strategies at the upcoming Wealth365 Summit. There will be a lot of great guests. It won’t cost you thousands of dollars of travel expenses. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home! Go to to sign up! You will be able to even watch a video from Kevin himself! I hope to see you all in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos!

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