Rob Profited Today With His Successful Strategy From Last Night’s Video

Okay gang, welcome back! Well, I am going to do this video a little bit earlier today because I just finished up one more nice little trade here off of my momentum shift breakdown. It broke down and caught a nice move on the way down here and that’s a final nice trade to top of the session here. Right from the beginning, right after the opening this morning, firing off short-side trades and making for a nice day both in and out of the Live Trading Room to say the least!

If you recall the focal point here is looking for short-side trades the reason being, because we were getting double/triple sell signals. We had what I called the Hoffman Fade, we also had our traditional Stochastic Spike Trade, and on top of that we had the Hoffman Hockey Stick Sell. We had three different type of sell signals coming together on some of the different charts at a minimum we had two.  Over here we had the Stochastic Spike and then a double Hockey Stick Sell, so really there is a total of three there and on the Russell we technically had four. Really great stuff here with lots of great sell signals all saying the same thing. We are looking for a pullback back down and then we combine those with the intraday sell signals that we had. Just like I had a few minutes ago. If we look here we can see we had a lot of red on the board here and then we were breaking down below my Momentum Shift Bar. That is what we call a Momentum Shift Breakdown and we are looking for a short-side trade at that point. Especially, combined with a lot of our other fantastic tools!

Sells away this morning! Every trade I took focused on short-side and that was the right side to be on. This is all taking this work and identifying what we expect next-where, when and how.  Hopefully, you have been following all week long and since the beginning of January. We had all of the sell signals and continuation sells in advance. We were looking for 1800 on the S&P and it bounced off of it and now we are playing the daily runs. While a lot of people are losing money in various types of 401k’s were just sitting here having a field day on the trading side. It is a great way to offset your trading. If Crude Oil prices are going up, wouldn’t be great to do some trading on the long-side, make some money while you are paying more at the pump. You could double dip if you can get lower prices on Crude Oil at the pump and be shorting Crude Oil. Great way to be a trading and hedge economically.

I am not going to be able to tell you where the close is today and how we are going to play this exactly because the market hasn’t closed yet. It is safe to say, if we hold these lows here or lower I will look to see if we have any sort of small pop up and then start to roll back down below today’s lows. I will then be more aggressive on the short-side. In order to get aggressive on the long-side because we still have lots of resistance as you can see right above us. We have tons of resistance! I am going to break through today’s highs to get aggressive there. Then I would like to see what we had this morning…rising hourly charts on the Stock Index Futures. I would like to see that again going into tomorrow if I am going to get excited on some long-side trade.

Right now that’s one of the key strategies we are focusing on tomorrow. I have to leave early today as we are getting ready to leave for New York. I can’t wait to see a bunch of you guys there on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! It going to be a fantastic time. As a follow up to that we will see you in Orlando. It is going to be great and I am looking forward to spending time with my competitor Jason who is a great guy! He is going to have a lot of great stuff to teach you guys as we compete against each other. There will be a lot of great training classes that I will be having in New York as well as Orlando. You guys will have a lot of fun. So, we will see you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or we will see you in this weekend’s videos or in New York. Watch the last week’s videos and see how we led up to the positive divergences and how we used the stochastics to identify reversal points here. Of course, if you are brave enough to do so, watch how January played out and what we talked about with the key resistance points. You can learn a lot about trading just by watching those videos. It is an exciting time to be a trader! I told you 2016 is a trader’s year and it is sure proving to be just that. Have a wonderful evening and take care everyone!


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