Rob’s Additional Thoughts After This Morning’s 450 Point Drop

Welcome back Gang. This is an exciting intraday video for you today.  This is a really nice follow up from the videos from yesterday. Yesterday we told you how specifically we were looking for inside activity and looking for breakouts from that area. We either need to get back above the speed lines, or we need to break down below these accumulation bars and that would lead to some really nice selling.

What ended up happening here was you see three out of four did break down below. What was nice is that we were able to use the Russel as a guide here this morning. The Russel was actually pushed up quite a bit this morning while the others were actually down. So I said when that Russel starts coming down that’s it “Ding Dong the witch is dead” and short sitting and sure enough that is exactly what happened and that ties in very well with what we shared with you in last night’s videos as well about Apple. I shared my thoughts about Apple and the 200 day moving average along with the accumulation. This also ties in with breaking down below the accumulation. On the intraday basis look at what that did to the NASDAQ. It allowed me to fire off around five different trades this morning in the live trading room with people right on the screen in front of them which is really phenomenal.

So it is taking the end of the day analysis that we shared with the key breakout and break down levels that we were looking for and we broke down and then that allowed the levels if you recall from the last Wealth365 event as I taught you a little bit about how I looked to trade those looking to identify the trend, we talked about the stochastic spikes here and of course there were a host of other things as you can see my indicators and pretty much everything on the screen was blood red there leaning to phenomenal short side trades and opportunities. There was really great stuff this morning and putting everything together for you and now I am going to get back to it and see if we can hold below some of these key levels going into the afternoon. This is why it is so important that you understand these different levels that I share with you about break outs and break downs because they can really get these markets going. Now what I want to see is if we can hold below the 24100 area in the Dow, break down 6514 area on the NASDAQ, see if the Russel can start getting down through 1555 area, and see if we can stay below the  2647 on the S&P. If those things continue to happen going into the afternoon and if I get fresh sell signals and I will look for fresh sells as long as we stay below those levels and see if we can add onto the great gains from this morning. So you guys have a great night and I look forward to seeing you in the live trading room tomorrow morning or the upcoming videos. Take care everyone and have a great night!

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