See how Rob’s coronavirus trading strategies nailed it again today. Even more opportunities ahead!

Okay, welcome back, gang! Well, we told you a lot more excitement was coming and we delivered. So, the market certainly did its part, a lot going on obviously with coronavirus. This all started with the negative divergence that we warned you about you know for several videos leading up to this whole thing then we had the 2 bars that closed down below the channel so we said, “dingdong the witch is dead” at this point and of course it’s died a horrible death since then. So, where we’re at basically now, it was really it was kind of exciting to see the big huge move down off – this is the SPY here if this were the S&P Futures, you’d see one big long red bar the longest bar that we’ve seen for a while. So, going into tomorrow and I’ve warned you about swing trades I’ve said, “look, no longside swing trades at this time here” and so sure enough that’s where we’re at at this point is catching the falling knife as I mentioned is not a good idea with this coronavirus situation continuing to get worse for the time being. At some point, the bad news will no longer make the market go down but, in the meantime, this is really a trader’s market on an intraday basis it was just kind of blood-red today as we came in today we were locked limit down. The markets open back up, had the sell side, had the big push up during the fed intervention but that was not enough to go ahead and break the back of the ITP indicators and so, right back down the hatch it went. Here in blood blood-red fashion. Really great most of the day with the exception of a trader to I was primarily focusing on like just onesie, twosie, type trades. There’s a lot of volatility there right now but because of these moves, a lot of these bars were 5 and 10 points on the S&P in a minute or two. It was really focusing more on the “gotcha” trend resumption type trades the in Reverse inventory retracement bars and what we call the “three-door trades” all in conjunction with and with the backbone in support of daily, hourly 15-minute, sell sides and then just bring it down to the one minutes look for after the quick pop up look for the resumption right back down.

Now, going into tomorrow though, a lot of people are starting to panic and so at this point I’m gonna be looking even closer tomorrow and listen, it’s not that we can’t have another a big down day let me go ahead and be very clear but, because of the huge spread between where we’re at and the falling speed lines even though the trajectory rise they’re gonna drop quite a bit overnight there’s still a lot of gaps and you’ll notice most days we try we’ve tried to get back up there towards those speed lines, so, originally after we broke down below the channel we tried to get back up to the channel, right? So, with that being said that now that there’s a lot of panic setting in and people who weren’t prepared the last few weeks who thought we were crazy about the concerns and what’s happening here is now starting to settle in and so we’re washing out a lot of those people who were kind of late to the party. This is the beauty of being an active trader and managing your own money instead of just listening to other people alone. Not that they shouldn’t consult your financial representative but knowing what’s going on with your own portfolio usually a good idea so you can say, “Hey, this doesn’t this you know sound right, smell right and challenge your representatives to make sure you’re making the most informed decisions possible. So, a great time to be an active trader. Going into tomorrow here I’m gonna be focusing on some short-term long-side trades if buy-side trades present themselves on an intraday basis. So, what that’ll look like is, see the hourly charts kind of flatten out instead of the massive downtrend? See if we can flatten out try to get back above the hourly so, pretend this is an hourly chart, so it’s kind of getting back above the hourly channels and that break the spine of that downtrend a little bit would be the preferred trade of choice and then look at those short-term trades. Go back to some of the videos I showed you earlier in the week how what we were in a downtrend, the market would break a little bit to the upside with the ITP then I look for the first pullback and then catch the next wave. That trade right there is basically what I’d like to see for an intraday basis back up to speed line for longs. Otherwise, if we’re down below the hourly, if we’re down below the one minute, two-minute charts, and the 15 minutes in a downtrend then I’ll just look for continuation shorts on an intraday basis but, if you got to be locked up at home this is a great way to spend your time if you got to be locked up at home right now. So, what a great time to be an active trader and investor and you’ll go back – watch the last several videos because I discussed a lot of the actual strategies in those videos where I go ahead and talked about like the strategy I showed you on the long side – what to look for and then the short sides, of course, the ones I taught you countless times here. Stochastic spikes, Speedline continuations, three-door trades, inventory retracement bars, reverse inventory retracement bars, you have all access to a lot of these things like speed lines, reverse inventory retracement bars and IRB and that. It’s those types of strategies if you have WealthCharts just go up there to “Analysis” and then you can click on there and get into the some of the different indicators there where we have access to some of those things like IRBs and reverse IRBs and stuff like that for those you that are Founder members of WealthCharts.

So, a lot of great opportunity there, gang, and another notch in the belt today, I think we’re grossed about $8,400 bucks here with these different days and coming into the trading room, showing and sharing what we’re looking for in advance right before it was happening and that’s this great stuff! So, with that being said, join me Saturday! This is a special one-day event here, I’m gonna be the voice of reason, I’m going to show you the strategies I’ve been using throughout the week. I’m going to put all these different tools and terms back together for you and the things I showed you in advance because I did a special event like this a few weeks ago and then boy did it come true in a big way. So, I’m gonna give you one more chance to go ahead and see me here Saturday morning at 9 o’clock central, 10 o’clock Eastern. You’re gonna want to go ahead and attend that very special event make way in your schedule, many of you are gonna be quarantined to your house anyways you might as well go ahead and take the time to learn what I’m doing right now with these markets. What I did today and what I’m doing right now this week with these markets and because there is some opportunities I’m going to show you on Saturday are gonna present themselves over and over again into next week and so I want you to be prepared. So, go to get there right now and join me this Saturday morning, it’s gonna be a two to three-hour event so prepare yourself to be there and make the time because if you need to know what’s going on with your portfolio’s you need to be you know, this is a great time while you’re locked up in your house to go and to learn how to actively manage and see things for yourself. So, if nothing else you can go ahead and challenge your portfolio manager like, “Hey! these are the things I’m seeing, so, know what’s making you think that I should do this, that, or the other?” So, at least you can have an intelligent conversation back and forth with your registered financial representative as you always should. So, with that being said, I will see you this Saturday morning at this very special one day only event I won’t be doing it Sunday, I won’t be doing it tomorrow, and that’s I’m just doing it here Saturday. So, join me at this special event via live event with me. I’ll be interacting with you guys live which is why it’s gonna be a multi-hour event here that you can’t afford to miss. You guys have a great rest of your night and I’ll see you Saturday morning at this very special event. Take care everyone. Bye-bye!

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