Rob’s Critical Market Levels Before New Hampshire

Welcome back!  I hope you all enjoyed the videos from the past couple nights.  We are seeing all those effects live in the markets here.  There are a couple interesting points tonight.

There are all inside bars on all four Stock Index Futures.  That means that this is another calm before the storm instance.  We will see if New Hampshire causes the wind of this market’s sails after this evening.  Officially we should be looking for an up day tomorrow based on a handful of buy-signals here.  It would be interesting if we didn’t end up getting that.  Those key areas that I have been talking to you about were right at the edge of the abyss.  The S&Ps for instance gave important signs.  That is important whether you are a day trader, or if you have a 401K.  We are holding on for dear life.  You can see that in the S&P within my inventory retracement bar strategy.

It is the same with the RUSSELL.  Look at how we got right down to the bottom end of these.  For all of you that know how this works, you know I often preach and share this.  You can see here that we are holding on in these different accumulation levels.  Once they are broken, we can get the market to accelerate.  Here was your accumulation bar that we bounced off.  Then there is an inside bar with another accumulation bar.  You will notice that we initially came back up to that level.  That was the resistance.  It followed by us coming down.  In summary we have an inside market that is coiled up for an explosion.  We are right at the edge of the abyss.  It could potentially become much worse if we can’t hold key accumulation areas.  The only hope that you should have is there is a positive divergence taking place.  That forewarned us that there were major selloffs.  If we make a lower low in price, we may be able to dodge a bullet if the positive divergence kicks in.  Then we will make a lower low to trap everyone short, followed by a spike to the upside.  That is the only saving grace if we get below there for people long in this market.

If you are a trader right now, you are having a field day.  That is what we do in the trading room.  My swing trading videos are geared towards the swing side of things.  Make sure you watch these key levels going into tomorrow.  Make sure you watch the overnight session as well.  Focus on who is looking like they might do well, or who will not.  Think of what that might do to the markets.  Keep track of the one in the NASDAQ because that is an inventory retracement bar within the inventory retracement bar.  Again, they are all inside bars.  They are usually precursors to more big moves.

We have some exciting days of trading coming up.  Make sure to watch the key levels because they mean a lot.  That is especially true in the S&P.  Remember we talked about that 180000 area being important.  That could pose a problem from a monthly basis as well.

Don’t forget that on this Thursday, there is the clash of the experts.  We will be sharing our different and favorite approaches.  I will be speaking this Thursday morning, at 10 AM Eastern Time.  It will be recorded for those who have second careers.  You are welcome to go and reserve your seat however.  I will be looking at the markets and hoping to do the live trading as well!  There are around seven of us speaking there.  At the end of the video click on the popup.  You can also go to the special update section tonight and click on the link.  I look forward to seeing you all in the live trading room tomorrow morning, tomorrow’s videos, or Thursday’s events.

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