Rob’s Favorite Day And Swing Trading Ideas For Tomorrow

Welcome back! I’ve got two key markets that I’m looking at going into tomorrow on the day and swing trade side. Number one is the Bonds. In the overnight session going into tomorrow, I’ll be looking to see if we can break through that 152.06 pull back a little bit to show it’s now support and rock it up from there. I’ll be looking for long-side trades at that point. For those of you who are interested in the TLT. That’s something you can look for as well. If we have a major move in the overnight session going into tomorrow at the open, that can be a big gap to the upside. Talk to your broker first before doing anything with those trades.

Another thing we’re looking at is gold. Gold is very interesting as well. It would go with bonds if bonds take off as well. We have some distribution in the immediate back drop, which puts us in some long-term down-trending resistance. We can push up through here. In the short-term there could be a day trade but there will be some resistance. I’d much rather take a bond trade than gold in this case. Once we break above, we show this down-trending resistance becoming support. That will open up full throttle for day trades and swing trades. For those of you who don’t trade futures, there are other instruments such as GLD that you can consider. Again, consult your broker before taking trades anywhere.

Gold and Bonds are key things I’ll have a lot of attention on going into tomorrow besides the usual suspects.

We’ll see you in the live trading room tomorrow and in the nightly videos. Have a great night!

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