Rob’s Final Video Before the Baby is Born in the Morning

Welcome back! What an exciting day and a crazy day to finish off before my baby is born. In fact, I’ll be in the hospital in 12 hours getting ready and within about 14.5 hours or so we should have baby. It’s an exciting time as you can imagine. Here I am with you up until the last minute. A couple of updates. First of all, make sure you’re watching all of the videos – the day and swing trading videos – not just the free video. We’ve had great conversations. We had EXEL take a big drop the last couple of days. Two weeks ago, I warned about this. It was asked in our Access to Rob section. These people type in the questions and that evening I answer them. We had a question about EXEL two weeks ago. I shot the video and showed showed what I was looking at. I said the problem is we are due for a big fat pull back and that pull back could easily be $5 or more. That’s how far away at that time we are from the weekly support. In a situation like that we either get a kick off or blow off like this and it doesn’t resolve itself very well if you’re looking for continuation long. What ends up happening is we’ve gone back here from the 15.50 area to the 11.50 area. It’s already gone back $4. I mentioned $5 at that time. It’s really great to keep up on the day trading and swing trading videos in addition to the free videos.

The $VIX popped off that magic 12 level I’ve been talking about. Actually, it spiked up to the 15 level and came back down and made the distribution bar right into the 14. Do we open above 14 and start pushing above 15? I’ll be looking for shorts in the market. Do we open below 14 and start pushing down to 13.50 area and lower? I’ll be looking for longs in the market. To add to that, we’re still kind of stuck in some key areas. If we start pushing down to that 14 area, that could lead to a move up. I have to be honest with you. I actually prefer the $VIX to go up tomorrow because the path of least resistance is actually to the downside on many of these instruments like the Dow and the NASDAQ – even the Russell. You have more gap space to go through several of those levels. In many ways, I hope you kind of open above 14 and start pushing to 15 and above. Then I’ll be looking for shorts. I will not be trading myself because of baby being born. This is what the guys will be looking for in the live trading room if the $VIX is popping up. That would be the preferred trade of choice. If the $VIX does push down, it’s not that you can’t take a longside trade and it’s a Friday, I would be trailing stops really tight. If things aren’t looking out, I wouldn’t be giving it much of a chance to progress.

I know Hershey John took a trade in crude oil long. Remember, those are day trades only through the 15 level from my perspective. Until we make 50 support, then we are looking at not only day trades, but swing trades from my perspective in crude oil at that time. Just like Hershey John did in the LTR this morning, look for some longside trades.

We’re going to be doing some really cool trades in the live trading room. We’re going to shake up the Rob trading section. We’re going to be focusing on all the great trades and make a separate section for educational time. We’re going to be doing some really cool stuff so be on top of what’s going on in the room and in the day and swing trading videos and our market analysis here.

Thank you for all of the well wishes. You are the world’s greatest students. I’ll be back with you here sometime next week after we take care of our beautiful baby boy Logan Scott Hoffman. Take care everyone!

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