Rob’s Individual Stock And Market Strategy To Make A Great Friday Trading Session

Welcome back everyone!  We are coming to a close of this session, so watch out for a couple key things.  I gave you this strategy in the free videos about Apple.  Apple broke through the key buy point from last week.  It made a real nice move up yesterday.  I also said we really need to consider trailing the profits on that.  That was mostly because of the down trending resistance.  This 111.50 area will become a big deal because of the distribution bar heading into the close yesterday.  That made us more susceptible to pullbacks today.  Remember distribution institutionally is a huge deal.  The next deal with Apple won’t happen till we get above that 200 day moving average.

WebMD is a great one that I mentioned in the premium nightly swing video.  It broke out through my buy level and was off to the races.  As we go into Friday we need to look for the M pattern sell situations.  We are possibly going to have a negative divergence as well.  Just like Apple, we are going to want to trail up our profits as well.  We can always look to reenter as we head into next week.

The VIX strategy really held its own today.  We talked about how we had distribution bars on the Stock Indices.  We also had some accumulation on the VIX.  Remember that accumulation on the VIX is one big support level.  We came right down to my Hoffman IRB strategy and pushed back up.  Why did that happen today?  That happened because we had that distribution from yesterday and had accumulation on the VIX.  Bottom line is the market couldn’t make any forward progression today.  That is why I tell you these IRBs are great.  There are articles of mine on these bars written in 5 languages.  Those are big fat distribution areas.  Until they are broken we need to expect challenges.  That is exactly what we have going on.  You are going to want to learn more about these.

This strategy is incredible whether you are a day or swing trader.  We have a whole bunch of classwork this weekend.  My good friend Drew and I are hosting a great event.  Hubert Senters and Anthony Crudele will be in attendance as well.  Jeff Gibby will be sharing something you might not know about right now.  There is a lot of great stuff that will be identified here for you.  Register for the event and I can’t wait to see you there.  I will be speaking at 10:00 A.M. Eastern time.  Make sure you fill out the link in the special update section, or at the popup at the end of the video.

The overall strategy for Friday is to see if the VIX starts dropping again.  We really need to get below 13.50 to take a second look at a long.  My dream is to push through that towards the 13 to get aggressive with longs.  If we start pushing up towards 15 tomorrow, I will start looking for shorts again.  That won’t be the favorite trade because we are still above the speed lines here.  That whole area between the fast and slow speed line is a huge support area.  I would prefer not to short into those.  That is like shorting into an accumulation area.  Let’s see if we can get the VIX to push down hard.  If it does push up I will be looking for shorts there.

With that being said I hope everyone has a great evening.  Don’t forget to register for Saturday’s great event.  You won’t want to miss out!


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