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Alright, welcome back, gang! Well, the market is still opening and will be now for about three more hours but I wanted to get a video out here, okay? I haven’t been able to do one as I’ve been on the road here a great deal and you guys will all see why very soon. But I want to go and share something with you in the meantime. I’ve talked to you many, many times and brought up Apple many, many times and the WSI indications here and that they are still available publicly a little bit longer and at and so what we have here is Apple is at 300 and has been at 300 here so when you take that combined with my institutional indicators, so, let’s just take a look at that for a moment. My institutional indicators, the ITP indicators have just been rip-roaring here for a few months now and so you’ve heard me if you go back and watch through my videos I’ve talked about Apple repeatedly and then you take that with some of our strategies like the reverse IRB strategy, stochastic spike strategy, W pattern buys, you take all these different types of strategies I teach you guys – Apple has been on a tear. Now, then you combine that with the trader rescue package of indicators and as you guys know the target two that’s this magenta line here is usually where we expect it to stall out. However, if it pulls off, pushes up, pulls back to it starts to take back off like it did with this reverse inventory retracement bar now you can be off to the races again and that’s exactly what’s going ahead and happening here. So, as you know I’ve been bullish on Apple. I’d mention it in previous videos, mentioned it my options alert program as well and, so, I just want to remind people that that is still in play. Now, what will offer up even more opportunities is if we for the market as a whole, and something I’m watching very carefully here is with the stock indices.

So, yesterday we had another distribution bar – you recall in the S&P; and in the Russell we went ahead and had distribution bars coming in from last week that’s something I mentioned in my options program here in my Monday morning report and so that is still holding us back to this time and even here then the Nasdaq where today we’re getting that good run with the Apple we had this distribution from last Thursday here as well that is still going ahead and keeping us contained for the moment. So, part of what I want to see happen here now is, I really want to get through those distribution levels, okay? So, those are very notable and very real areas of distribution. Think about all the other areas I’ve shown you along the way that were so important to go ahead and break through. Remember Dow 27,000, what did we do? We went ahead and we pushed through Dow 27,000, pulled back to it and took off. Then I told you about Dow 27,000 what did we do? We pushed a 27,400 – I said we breakthrough 27,400 push back, take back off. Well, here we are again. So, now this is the next layer to beat so we’re just gonna keep reminding you of these different levels and remember as long as we stay like above 27,350 I told you that I’m going to remain bullish and really be focusing on those long side trades and you know my conviction is even stronger on that now than it was before because now we’ve got in addition to the accumulation support here we now got long-term support kind of coming up underneath of it. So, a lot of things watching – very bullish in as, you know, I’ve been telling you for last year plus what is 27,000 – 27,000 and then these key levels and we keep breaking them and pushing on to new highs and here we are at 27,700 and a couple of the people that were on the big wealth365 summit actually called these numbers and they’re going to be featured on the upcoming wealth365 summit in January, so, make sure you go to to get yourself signed up for the next summit here because you’re not going to want to miss what they have to say now and some of them have some pretty interesting outlooks there.

So, go to as we hear their next big forecast for this market you’re going to be surprised. So, a lot of great stuff happening here. Keep in mind these key levels – super important. Keep in mind I said about Apple and have said about Apple and make sure you join me and several other experts – it would be like 90 other experts coming up on the upcoming wealth365 summit there so I’ll look forward to seeing you guys there. Go to and enjoy this ride with this great market. So much more to come! We’ll keep you up-to-date in upcoming videos. Take care everyone, have a great evening. Bye-bye  

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