Rob’s Key Levels Are Still Failing, So Watch Him Trade Live Tomorrow Through Thursday.


Welcome back, the market’s not quite closed here but we’re going to go ahead and get this video out to you right now.


Let’s see if there’s any last minute trades for this session. Really exciting at this point, the things that I’ve been telling you about on previous videos are all kind of coming true. In fact, we can see that here with this sea of red on the NASDAQ. I warned you guys on last week’s videos to watch out here, I told you that these were resistance levels now. Go back and watch the last videos I shot for you. There wasn’t any real fresh updates from them because everything I said before was still absolutely true and sure enough you can see it here. We’ve got a nice resistance, a real solid proven resistance level in this area. And that’s all on top of the resistance level that’s on top of that too. So you can see resistance layers upon resistance layers. To even a shred of hope on the longside right now, you’re going to have to get above that 26,000 level and start pushing back up. You want to see this act as an accumulation bar, pushing back above 26,000 but remember the big granddaddy is goign to be 27,000 that we want to get back above. That becomes support for any long term massive “throw the baby out with the bathwater” positive long side trading. Otherwise, it’s a very individualized stock picker’s market, a delicate one as you can see right now, for all the reasons I’ve been outlining. With that being said, you’ve got to get above 26,000 on those DOW futures to even consider the long side here on a more meaningful basis. On a macro basis, across the board, longside trading you’ve got to get above 27,000.


In the meantime, what that’s leading to is more and more resistance being had, that’s what I warned you guys about in the videos I shot for you last week. Sure enough, that resistance is now proving to be the resistance I warned you about, layering it on, making it thicker there and giving you more things you’ve got to watch out for. In the meantime, that leaves these really great shortside trading opportunities that we’re seeing on an intraday basis. The market just kind of went short and never looked back here on the day. Now we’re coming up on the end of the day here and it’s making a little positive divergence so maybe it’s over. That’s why I chose to shoot this video now with you. In general, in the big picture, we’re going to go ahead and be looking for shortside trades more readily.

The good news is that I have a live trading event over the next three days. All these things that I’ve been warning you about in advance, if you want to watch me trade live on the screen, you can watch me do that. If you go to my website, to Become A Better Trader Memberships, it’s normally $197 a month to get access to those three day trainings. We have the three day intensives, Market Mondays, all of the things that I put out there as part of that monthly membership but, right now, there’s a link to get a charter membership for $97. CLICK HERE to take advantage of that while you can. Go ahead and join me in the next three days for only $97 and get the whole month’s membership with me. It’s a great opportunity to see what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, how I’m executing my trades live on the screen in front of you and why I’m focusing on shortside trades and what this sea of red means. All these different setups and strategies I show you here and watch it in action for yourself. We’ll see you tomorrow at that special event. Join me!  Otherwise, we’ll keep you updated on how we’re trading, what we’re focusing on in the markets here in these nightly updates because they’ve been pretty powerful and everything we’ve talked about has proven true.

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