Rob’s Key Market Levels Continue To Disrupt Directional Investors And Traders

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at some futures and equities that we should be focusing on. First thing’s first, Bonds. The bottom line is we’re in a really great spot. We’re at the edge of the abyss on some potential opportunities in the days to come. Obviously Friday some of the markets will be closed naturally so we won’t be focusing on it so much on Friday but tomorrow and going into next week, Bonds have a lot of opportunity for continuation. If we get through this 15412 area, we have a lot of room to the upside that we can see in these bonds. I’m really watching this all important level. This is the level that held us in November 2016. We failed that repeatedly in 2017. Will we finally get through it this time? That’s what I’ll be watching very closely in the days to come.

Crude oil I’ve been watching because of the geo-political football we have right now in the Middle East and Russia. Crude oil is not able to break through. These are the same areas that I warned you about the last few months. In today’s crude oil report, we showed a drawdown of 2 million barrels or so. That should be bullish for crude. We’re using up the supply and demand. You can see what happened – we did not break through. We held this massive key resistance levels 5350. I’ve been telling you for months in these all important nightly videos.

If you recall from my videos late last week, I’ve been telling you about the volatility that we’ve been expecting. Take a look at the accumulation in the DAX. We were trading multiple things in general this morning and the DAX was something I was making money on. We had an accumulation bar on the NASDAQ, on the Dow, on the Russell and yesterday we had multiple support levels that were tough on us. I was worried about this and telling you that we had to focus on this. There was a lot of distribution above and accumulation below last week as well. Pick your poison and pick your favorite market. If you go back and watch my videos from last week, you’ll see it for yourself and you’ll understand why I employed these strategies in the live trading room. That being said, here we are. We continue to have distribution above on the different indices and support below. We continue to breakout/breakdown on those key levels. I’d love to see a sell-off from a trading perspective (not from a long-term investment perspective). I’d love to see some follow through and let the market give out to the downside for some trades. I definitely am more aggressive to the downside than I am to the long-side right now for just that reason. That was the case today and rightfully so for my trade.

Let’s take a look at AAPL. Everything I’ve been telling you in my other videos continues to be the case. The levels I’m telling you about continue. These Hoffman Inventory Retracement bars are so important. That’s what causing people who are trying to get into directional trades are having fits. No sooner than they go long, the market turns and goes down and chops their head off. No sooner than they try to go short, the market chops their head off. We keep hitting accumulation then distribution over and over again. I warned you about this in the recent videos as well. We were talking about the negative divergences. We had the distribution here as well. If we’re down below the speed lines, I don’t want to be in acting long-side trades. If you were long, that’s a great place to take your profits. If you went long from below, take your profits. If you got long at the top, take a small stop loss from my perspective. That’s why I said I wouldn’t want to be long if we were back below those speed lines. We dropped $3-$4 since that time. Continue to keep up on these nightly videos for these key levels and key places we’re looking.

Don’t forget about those Bonds. We’ll be looking at the six month resistance level we’re at and see if we can get a decent breakout. If we get another failure, we’ll look for more shorts. Either way it’s a win-win from my perspective. Have a great night. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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